RT2- Courage Life

in writing •  2 months ago

Does truth come written like a song or a screech like a tire turned wrong?

Both I suppose. But I prefer the sound of waves to storybooks already wrote.

If there is destiny I propose it's in the throat.
An unwavering voice where weakness is not shown. A calamity of tone. Conviction in step and in speech.
Paired with a confidence that's unshaking.
Sweat only caught on still frame-
vocal desire when the heart and the eyes find attunement again.

Through all actions we reap what is and isn't destiny. Through speech we seek I believe what the most inner parts of us need.

To be accepted, to feel free.
To not be ashamed of the desire we hold beneath
-that we're not too small for our dreams,
-that it is not destiny but I that leads.

Do my soul and my dreams not belong to me?
No one else could take their claim-

If you feel unworthy measure again. Why- Because eyes deceive and mirrors reflect inner beliefs.

With bravery comes calamity. A rejection of fear- it's knowing it does not nothing but render me here.

Self-respect is the greatest of all gains. Failure to love is the heaviest of all chains


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