Snippets from the past - HEART JOY

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XIV. Heart Joy

What I have experienced today is a long history of my life on more or less many ways of living together of people no matter what origin. Man is a divine being, and harbors an individual identity in his heart which is communicated.

Through my way of life the case of the cases has occurred and I learn how to work together with respect and heartiness. There is nothing that keeps me from achieving the goals that I have and that are directing my soul, and gaining experience through each overcoming.

This Earth is a divine being and has in its heart the same individuality as a human being. Every stone contains in itself God and has in its heart an individual equality. We are connected with everything and learn the connection through the simplest way to live. Every complex process is a fog, which is, however, illuminated when we look with the heart, for in the heart we have an individual equality that allows us to communicate through and with everything. If the juice comes from the supermarket so is a dense fog. If the water is drunk directly from the river or from the source, there is clarity and although this clarity is only in the mind, the heart is always clear. Consequently, the mind has the ability to perceive the fog, and by obscurity, in a progressive distance to nature, nebulization of the heart is the result. This mist, however, is not in the heart, but only in our conception of understanding.

We are all called upon to become aware of this and to devote ourselves to the heart, no matter what comes and how much we are dazzled by our own looking into the mist.

No light of the world is capable of harming us. It is only our perception of what we perceive as glare, which distracts us from nature and thus lets us become lonely in our heart. Be a human being and be aware that everything comes from God and is therefore an individual equality in the heart.

God = Nothing = Everything = What-ever-we-are = Spirit = Matter

This is the a way to find what is being sought and to bring peace into us, which transcends to all individuals.

A (google:)translation of chapter 14 of my book "Selfhealing" which is not published yet and will never be and it is written in German.


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