A life calling to death

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Carmen, a woman who in spite of her 25 years old was tired of life, everything was a nuisance for her, where she went to fight, in the supermarket, in the delicatessen, every price she was told made her twist of anger, her words were always that she would rather die than continue living in this situation, the country had her bad, in the office nobody could stand her, She worked as a public accountant in a private company but really what she did all day was to be on the internet watching the news of events, prices and every time the parallel went up she was the first to know, and as expected that stressed her and still said she would rather die right now than continue living in this situation, she left her job at 4:30 pm and she would go all the way complaining, that if people, that if the delay until she arrived at the terminal and as there was always no transportation, lasted two hours or more waiting and often ended up going home hanging on a truck, as normal that was detestable for her, however it was something she had to live daily and again said that she wanted to die before continuing to live in that life, Carmen lived alone, who could bear it?, she always said she wanted to jump in the subway or get hit by a car.

So a year passed, Carmen was already 26 years old, the country was still the same but she was getting worse and worse, she kept seeing dolartoday and the national news and as she always said "how I would like to die before continuing in this" those who knew her told her not to be so negative and advised her but she automatically took them as enemies, one day Carmen got up at around 4 am she got up to go to work, there was no light and finally she left her house at around 5 am:30 am and there was not even a car, it was done in the daytime but that's how she went and arrived at her work and her faithful and only friend (the internet), although it seemed the opposite, he was fallen, she was green, she looked green, she looked Hulk, she had already said more than 20 times that she wanted to die, finally the internet arrived and so she spent her day, she got out of work and the same routine, people, the delay, the transport, she arrived home at around 7 pm, super stubborn with everything, there was a neighbor listening to music and that made her worse, She continued saying that she wanted to die, Carmen is going to shower and curiously she slips and falls down hitting her head against the toilet, on the half-unconscious floor she saw the blood that was coming out of her head without being able to move, at that moment she felt desperate because she felt like death was coming to her without anyone who could ausiliate her, there she wanted to hold on to life but it was too late, her prayers had been fulfilled, her tongue was the punishment of the body, Carmen died


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Por aquí apoyando la causa Hermanito.


gracias hermano

Saludos @duque por acá su amigo
Siempre presente APOYO TOTAL mano!!!


gracias bro

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What sad friend tells the history but as Carmen I am thinking about going there exist many persons who do not support to live in such a way that it is not like the life that they wanted to have and god often puts the tests to see so strong what we are. Because of it sigh that to think very well before speaking and to say bad and ugly things... Regards for here my support

Hola amigo @duque te devuelvo el apoyo gracias

Saludos @duque, vistando tu blog y apoyándote

En ocasiones nos la pasamos en eso, llamando a la muerte... Saludos