Seven Ways to Generate Endless Ideas for New Blogs

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Grrrr, writer's block!

We all get it at times. It's a real pain in the rear because we have followers wanting more and deadlines to meet. Yet, there we are, staring at the screen, completely blank. We know the ideas are out there but nothing seems to manifest.

Let me tell you several ways that I tend to use so I'm never stuck with anything to write...

Keep an Idea Journal

Always keep a pen & paper or a word document around so you can write down new ideas that pop into your head.

Don’t edit yourself.

Even though you may not write about that particular subject it can inspire you to generate a new idea for a completely different blog post! It's like digging into Wikipeda: you start on one subject and end up down the rabbit hole.

Listen to Music

Music has the ability to unlock your creativity.

Put on your favorite album and listen to the lyrics (or lack thereof) and let your mind wander. During this time, write down new ideas or begin working on an article to the tempo of the music. This works great with chill-hop and electronic music because it keeps you going fast and strong!

Scratch your own Itch

Write about things you’ve always wanted to read on the web.

You may find that few people cover the types of content that you’d want to read. There are many others out there that have this same thought. Even if someone has covered the topic you could always add a unique angle.

Write about what’s on your mind or something new you’ve tried that others haven’t the time to write about. These personal insights about a topic give people a reason to connect to you and your writing (and this leads to followers, yay!)

Answer the Community

Many comments can easily generate new blog ideas.

When a commenter asks you a question don’t just answer them - create a new post that answers this question. These people may also pose a different opinion which warrants a full rebuttal (via a new post). The back-and-forth with your followers is a hot bed for ideas and discussion.

Disagree with a Popular Belief

Take a stance against a popular belief and explain why you disagree with it.

Standing your ground may cause heat but someone has to say it. Not everyone is vocal about their opinion -- they'll get behind you when you tell it like it is. Drama can send waves of traffic to your blog but always present a coherent theory vs. simply trouncing someone’s beliefs.

Rant and Rave

Talk about a product you love or hate.

Look around you, right now, and use an interesting item as a starting point

This is a great way to easily create reviews and link up to affiliate stuff, btw

Write about a service you didn’t enjoy or one which has made your day.

People love to hear when things work out for the best or the opposite side of the story. Not everyone agrees with what’s common acceptance; it’s your blog so go ahead and vent (or rave)!

Create a Series

Create a series about a particular skill you’d like to teach in detail.

Break up your post into a series so you’ll be able to stretch out the information over the course of a week or month. This gives people enough time to leave comments and for you to adjust the series to incorporate these new ideas into what's planned.


In all, there are ideas all around you waiting to be placed on your blog.

Keep your mind open, sit down, and start writing – it’s as simple as that.


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