Writing (Week 13)

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The end is so close I can almost smell it. I don't know whether I am excited or sad, the next course I will be starting only starts in September. This is the final week of this course as next week is pretty much a ceremonial week.

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This week I do my last editing for my very last paper. I can not wait to finally hand it in. I am not going to lie, the papers have been hard and the work has been a lot, many weeks I have felt like giving up. But looking back at it all and looking through my work I can see the improvement. It is a huge improvement.

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No more reading assignments... Not ONE single one... No words can describe the feeling now that I will never have to go through that pain again.

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As the end is near I feel as if the time is up. Have I spent my time correctly? Have I gotten the most out of this course? Was it all worth it? (This will only be answered at the end of this week.)

As far as lessons go, we have 2, I was expecting more, but I can not complain the previous weeks were hell and this is really nice. A relaxed slow week, oh how lovely. So this weeks lessons are:

Grammar lesson:

  • Capitalization Examples

Paragraph and Essay Development:

  • Showing vs. Telling

This week I decided to do 30 pushups per rep and have done 2 sets already today, this almost covers the days post challenge and I feel like I can do a few more sets just today. Therefore, I will be doing some one arm pushups and clap pushups.

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Just on a little side note for self improvement. I will be doing pushups, situps and squats for the amount of $$$ (ratio;$1:1) I earn on this post and will give a short feedback every day at the end of each post. This will be split in equally between all 3. Any not done will carry onto the next day.

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Great post. That is a great motivation to workout.

Good post thanks for sharing


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Keep it up sire @dragonslayer109. Keep it up! And more workout! :)

(yeah, it's worth it.. ^u^)


hahaha Thank you :)


Always welcome sire ! I have a looong way to go on your "Improve your Writing" series. :)

Nice. That feeling of following something through to the end. Congatulations

Awesome Post Keep it up from @ahmedfaraz

really great post thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Nicely done. I remember my time at university, all those assignments, it totally stresses you out and it is such a relief when you finally finish.


I can't wait for that feeling after this final week.


Sounds like you deserve it with all the hard work you have put in.

Getting paid to exercise - I love it.

Looks like you'll be doing a lot of pushups :)

Man with all the pushups, situps, and squats you're doing lately you'll be ripped in no time. Keep up the good work.


I am hoping so. I want a nice summer body when summer comes

Gif post summary for you:



Thank you Lovely gif.


Nice please follow and vote me

Great work , nicely done. Thanks for sharing. Following you for more. Keep it up.

Great post. I really loved it.
Following you.

Haha liked the gifs you used into this post, just the push up with a clap behind back is missing

Dem it's good

Congrats on reaching the end of your course. Make sure you celebrate!

ncie post, thank you for sharing your story

Very nice post ;) Congrats ;) Upvoted and followed, if u like photography check out my new post about URBEX, greetings from Poland ;)

amzing post bro,
I have followed you, please follow me too :)

perseverance ALWAYS PAYS OFF - no matter what the situation... which I wrote about earlier, if you care to take a look.

Great post!! ad congratulations!!! xxxx



Knap gedaan en je hebt weer iets van je zelf overwonnen !

Congratulations! You have been chosen to appear on "Who to Follow Daily". Thank you for adding such value to the Steemit community. Steem on!

I feel your pain, school can really suck sometimes. But in the end it is all worth it hopefully. I graduated from college and I'm glad just to have the memory of college and the satisfaction of graduating from a 4 year University.

Seems like you have a lot more writing ahead of you.
But for now let's whiz past this final week and relax.
Good Luck with the pushups and situps