Top Tips Thursday (Women)

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Bringing you some really cool tips every Thursday, but to make these tips even more exciting I will relate some of my life experiences to them in a fun short story.

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Today's topic: Women

Today's tips are:

Wo! man, this is my general use of the word. Why do I use this word like this? Well Wo....! man, they are really complicated, we will never understand them.

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After many years of watching and studying how the female species work, I had written many tips and mental notes. Have any of these things worked? Maybe once!

Tip 1: All, ALL women are different, something that works for one might not work for another.

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Women are one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Guys get bored really quickly so if women weren't so complex and complicated, guy wouldn't bother. I have spent many years single to just watch and learn how men and women treat each other and what things work best. I created a list of does and don'ts.

Tip 2: When you get into a relationship, forget everything you think you know about women.

I really quickly learnt that I knew nothing, but I did not let this get to me. I was going to get this right, I will understand how women work. This is when I decided to categorise certain women into sections I thought they belonged in (from the information I had collected about women).

Tip 3: Women have sides to them you will never EVER see, they have an amazing way of changing and you will never know exactly who a women is. They can surprise you even after knowing them for all your life.

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Sitting and watching never really helped me gain some knowledge, only by interacting with women did I start to understand a few things.

Tips 4: women do not thing the same way you do, so if you think, try thinking a way a women would think.

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My latest experience was with a lovely young lady, a good friend of mine, she taught me that what women say is not always what they want or mean. She destroyed my mind, I lost all understanding, I couldn't even think straight.

Tip 5: when she says "I will be 2 seconds just wait", firstly make yourself comfortable in the couch as you will be waiting some time. Secondly, that is the final statement, if you try rush her after her saying that just know that you will be sleeping on the couch later.

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Final tip: Guys learn to play guitar, don't ask me why... I still do not understand how the whole guitar/women thing works, but trust me it WORKS!

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Some of you ladies might be upset with me now due to this post. Firstly I am sorry I just had to do it, I could not resist. Also this post is not aimed at making you ladies look bad, but rather aimed at how lost men are when it comes to understanding you.

This guy knows exactly what women want:

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Just on a little side note for self improvement. I will be doing pushups, situps and squats for the amount of $$$ (ratio;$1:1) I earn on this post and will give a short feedback every day at the end of each post. This will be split in equally between all 3. Any not done will carry onto the next day.

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I think regardless of gender every person is different @dragonslayer109 not all guys are the same either but there is certain psychology triggers that work %60 of the time.

There is a marriage expert named Mark Gungo who talks about the difference between the two brains of a men and women. He is hilarious to watch and me and my girlfriend can sometimes relate about the things he discuss :p this is the url of a tiny part of his show. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did but keep in mind it is exaggerated from both point of views ;)


Mmm I am sure I will enjoy it very much :)


I have watched this one.


Funny post. L. O. L
Very entertaining

Funny post. Love the skeletons drinking until they understand women, that's how we as men often feel! Glad to see that the book "Understanding Women" has finally arrived, lol.

This is an amazing explanation.

I see, women do not say what they think, sometimes they think mixed up. So, sometimes they are also confused.

For example, it is difficult for them to distinguish between right and left, between south and north, and so on. thank you @dragonslayer109


Yes often they themselves don't know what they want.


That is exactly what we want you to think....


See... now this is just pure evil... :(

@ dragonslayer109 This is indeed funny and true, for what it is worth.

Hahahah love this post! But about the guitar...yup I agree on that one ;) Thank you for sharing this.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

awesome post from you.........!!! but men are also the same ,difficult to understand for women :) any way video is really interesting ........!!
really enjoyed your post.

@dragonslayer109 - LOL. This is going to be an EPIC in the field of 'Women psychology'. The women language has me in splits. It took me years to learn 'womanese' and still my knowledge is like Charlie the Chimp who knows about 10 words! Upvoted

lol. we are going to need some more tips i like 5th one

Well! I think it's about time to learn how to play a guitar🎸
is it ok if the singing is bad though? would it still work? hehe😋


Still works :)


awesome! XD

You describe women so nicely & also in deep.. I appreciate

If you write it by observing the character of your girl friend and some other weman, then it is OK. But you must be understood your mother, Who gave you everything. So please don't forget about the sacrifice of weman in a family or in the world. Any way thanks for observations.

cool tips .. great post.. keep it upp...

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :)

nice post from u

You are truly a man with deep insights hahaah - you may have tapped into the deep dark world of WO! man. Thank you, I enjoyed it, but sorry to say, tomorrow is another day and then things may change again in the brain of a woman.....


Hahaha yes this is so true

Ha ha, I like the meme with the guitars! That's how I feel in love with my husband, he had a guitar in his hand ;) I actually persuaded him to let me add one of his songs to Steemit today (he says I "owe" him, we all know what that means)! Hope you don;t mind me sharing it with you:


So next week will be Top Tips Thursday "men" then? I have a manuscript of tips to add if you are interested ;)


Oh no men, I think I will stay away from that subject as men don't like to admit to things, especially when it could be taken offensively


Ha ha, that's tip number one then ;)


Hahaha more proof that it works :)


Shamefully so, yes!


this post sucks gender is a social construct u wanker

You are right. Understanding human not just only women, is a difficult thing to achieve.

Only to be expected to be trending on a social media platform dominated by men. Go to a platform for single moms and you'll find the same type of article about men.


Hahaha that is something I will test

Really cool tips.@arifulsms

You nailed it. This is so true: "forget everything you think you know about women" on tip number 2.

An interesting read as a woman. Haha.

bahaha, this is hilarious and often times too true. Forgive us for our wonderfulness. :)

Omg dude you made my night!!! I'm cracking up in my bed😂😂😂 the guitar one though!!! So true! I agree with each tip 100%!! "She destroyed my mind" haha. Keep on doing these it's so fun and entertaining to read!! Plus with the funny pictures!! 🙈😏 as I always say: "All women are bitches, you just gotta find the right one😎" see u around xoxo 😘


Hahaha I like what you say, as all women have that potential inside them. Glad I made your night. See you to


We're all crazy anyway 😂😂🙈🙊 it's important to be able to laugh at ourselves, women that get offended by what you say know deep down that you are right 👌🏻😏 keep it up Hun xoxo

LOL! Great Tips amigo! Thanks for sharing, cheers!

Omg loved your post!! Lol. Upvoted 100% and followed!!

Ha! That guitar story... so true!!

Tip 3 image is hilarious. Interesting post.

Interesting story

You may have tapped into the deep dark world of woman

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I just try talking to both sexes like they are human beings. Seems to work. Are you sure you are thinking with your brain? I.e.: guy with guitar! Lol. 🐓🐓

lol .That image for tip 3 is so funny.
Nice post

I had fun reading this post! and if I agree with you we are very different and sometimes what we want today through experiences perhaps we don't want it more! lol we are slightly rolled but that if we know give much love!

Thanks for the great post! I think another thing I keep needing to remind myself about women, that at the end of the day despite the differences in communication/thinking styles, we are all fundamentally kind of have the same goals, like wanting to know we matter, are loved, contribute to something bigger than ourselves, and changing our environment.

I think we all get into our heads and over think things, when sometimes the simple answer is the right one...

("Hopefully" says my inner voice)

I found your post hilarious and pretty spot on! Women are dynamic, ever-evolving humans, and that's what makes you men love us ;)

Most comical post of the day! Love it

ahaahhaah :)

Are we really that complicated :]
I think that is just a guys excuse, guys play dumb ;)
I think woman compliments man perfects.
we keep u all on your toes :P