Improve your Writing (Avoid Awkward Sentences)

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When the sentence doesn't sound right, well then there is usually something wrong. If the sentence is slow or just feels weird you should consider rewriting it.

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How to Fix Awkward Constructions

There is not rules or specific ways to fix these type of sentences. You will have to develop this awkward sentence hunting skill in order to find them. The best advice on how to fix them is to just keep rewording the sentence till it is running nice and smooth. One guideline you can use to help; read the sentence out loud, often this can be a great help.

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Another thing you can do is look at the subject and the verb. Once you have found this then break the sentence down in to its simplest form, then build it up again.

Avoid Word and Phrase Repetition

Yes some words and phrases are really amazing to use in your writing, but we, as the readers, do not want to read the same or similar thing over and over again. If you need to use different synonyms or even take a different approach to the same concept.

Avoid Excessive Intensifiers and Qualifiers

Intensifiers, these are words that add weight or force to the sentence and make it intense. Over using these words can make your sentence loose its meaning.

I am so extremely happy and so excited to be going to this amazing place on this lovely weekend.

This is an example of what over using them can do to your sentence.

Qualifiers indicate limits of your claim. These are necessary in your writing, but over using them can cause a big mess.

Occasionally, when I am sick, I probably will have to go to the doctor most of the time, while I am sick

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It's also worth pointing out that if you're a programmer or learning to program and you want to use code you can format your code properly by using "~~~" at the beginning and end of your code.

For example:

Public Void Test ()



This will make thing much easier for other programmers to read and even help you out if they understand what's going on. Oh and of course, just like reddit for example you can use a ">" to quote somebody which will help you with context when talking about other people's posts.

Quoting Example:

Someone said something in another post here


Thank you for the tips on programming :)

thank you for the effort ! So much informative post !!

Great it is

I wish 800 votes for your post daily!!!!


That would be killer.


haha, lol,, do spare time to visit my blog...thanks

Nice job, some corrections.

Last sentence in first paragraph needs a period.

There is not rules or specific was to fix these type of sentences.

There are not rules or specific ways...


Mmmm I see, I think I might need a new keyboard :)

Writing is a ritual, nowadays it’s typing to put your thoughts on t be read by someone. A responsible act, isn’t it? I’ve been learning and practicing to write for years. This post is one more lesson to help improve my skill. Thanks)))


It is a pleasure glad it helped you out.

It is nice to be reminded of the importance of keeping your writing fluid. If you don't mind would you take a look at my blog and give me some feedback on my writing. I'm always looking to improve.




I will have a look for you.


You should consider adding pictures to your posts. Remember pictures tell a thousand words.

Thanks for sharing those great tips, @dragonslayer109. Regarding: Avoid Word and Phrase Repetition, do you mean that we should not even repeat the same word more than one time?


You can repeat the same word, but you must decide if you have used that word to many times.


Oh, no problem, TY.
By the way, I forgot the mention that I've just started following you, @dragonslayer109! Your blog seems interesting and worth reading! You are more than welcomed to check out mine as well ;)


Thank you, I am honoured that you started to follow me and find my posts worth reading.


My pleasure, Dragon!

Thanks for the tips

Your advice is sincerely appreciated @dragonslayer109 :)

Love & Blessings!


Thank you, same back to you.

This my lesson for today. Ty so much bro

I definitely try to get the awkwardness out of my sentences but it can be really time consuming. Those were some pretty great tipps!


One guild line you can use to help; read the sentence out loud,

you mean guideline, right?


Hahaha yes I meant guideline... I should really get some more sleep :D great find.


thanks, your text was so well written, that I wanted to get rid of that little eye sore ;)

I believe that preferences are extremely subjective things. Just as a person hates certain sentences or written phrases, others may love it. But knowledge is defense and we should never stop learning and listening to other points of view for the various subjects that surround us and I have learned a lot from your post, thank you very much for the knowledge and your point of view exposed here @dragonslayer. A good week for you.


Thank you and yes I do agree with you. Hope you have a great week.

Yes awkward sentences should be aired out and covfefeted before putting it out to public

Good advice, especially reading your post out loud before sending. Sometimes our ears hear things that our eyes don't see. That's why we have multiple senses. This may seem basic, but it's easy to forget.


It's often the very basic things that can make the biggest difference in our writing.

Good article! It is sad to see good writing skills vanish in the digital age.

If I truly wanted to avoid awkward sentences, I would have to avoid listening to my boss speak.


Hahahaha great to have you comment. Hahaha then avoid it.

great tips : ) !!!

great...your post deserve upvote and resteem...

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