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I had a thought. The thought being; what will be my motivation this week, what is going to excite me to do new things, what would I like to accomplish this week?

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Every Monday I will share with you something that has inspired me, my thoughts and any images, stories or experiences.

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So today I did a bit of reflecting, it was a horrible idea. Each thought just made me even more depressed, made me want to slit my wrists. I would call these regrets, probably the biggest regrets I have. But...

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So a little back story to what these regrets are: I took roughly 12 BTC and sold it on the market last year. The price at that stage was R7000-R9000 about $700-$800. Yeah I think you would also shoot yourself in the foot if you did this... I am not even going to work out the loss... All I know is it is big really big.

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Everything happens for a reason, life moves on and presents new opportunities. The only way to keep moving forward and find these opportunities, is to move on and not let the regret of the past blind you from your future.


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Love this brother. Nicely put together post.

I like that last quote.

Trust that everything happens for a reason, even when you're not wise enough to see it.
-Oprah Winfrey-

That's powerful stuff.

True that man!! Everything happens for a reason hey!! As far as BTC goes - I believe in holding - for the loooooong run anways


I am holding as well, I have lost with mining fake companies in the past , so I just want to hold now.


But now how long is the long run?


10 years plus bro... 😎

All your quotes are really meaningful and true.......its true we should never look back and keep walking ahead.

Hi @dragonslayer.

What did you learn from selling the Bitcoin?

I sold some shares that I'd been holding for many years a few years ago as I no longer wanted any association with the company. Although the share price has gone up considerably, I never look back with regret on the decision I made as I know it was the best one at the time and it allowed me freedom to invest in some education and self development.

Looking forward to seeing your #InspirationMonday posts :)

Thanks for the inspiration! I feel like we all needed this :)

How did you feel making this post?


Ready to move on without looking back.

Now, keep all Steem intact in your account. They will also shoot after a year or two! And it happens, may be, it was a best decision to sell BTC at that time but again, people still have a chance to make some good bucks from Crypto world!

I believed to start your life each day are;

  1. You need to be thankful and grateful with God why? Because He allowed you to wake up each morning. But each day we have encountered problems or trials that sometimes we want to give up. But God promise that He will not allow us to give in or tempted based on or above the ability and power to enable us to face every challenges in life. There is sayings if you have nothing anymore and you are on the rock bottom and you lift your are eyes above because God he has always give us something for us to recover and go on with our life.

  2. Of course not only to give thanks and being grateful to God. But we need to relate or talk to Him in prayer. So that each morning we can share to God what's in our heart and what's going to our life so that God will guide us. But sometimes people are rich already and they have a lot of money and they don't need God in their life but remember not everything will be bought by money. Money can't buy joy, peach of mind, health, relationship and most of all eternal life. Sometimes we people we forgot to pray to the Provider of blessings but we focus always on the blessings. We always focus on the problems how big our mountains are and how we will cross and overcome the problems. The Bible says Psalm 30:5 (New Living Translation)
    For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime! Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.
    but we forget who made the mountain and God is bigger than our mountains and problems. I believed that we need to pray to get guidance from God and wisdom on how to do in our life and most especially Prayer is to develop our communications and relationship to God which everyone misses it.

  3. We people forgot what God has done in our life. The Bibles says that everyone committed sins and no one qualified to go to heaven but thank God He sent His rescue for us. The Bible says while we were still sinners God send His Son Jesus to ransom us from eternal destruction in Hell. He died on the Cross to pay the penalty of our sins and by believing in our heart or by believing by Faith that Jesus is our Savior we received salvation and that is the Eternal Life that God promises to all believers when we believed Jesus as our Savior.

  4. I think each morning every time we wake up God is giving us a new assignment and mission to impact others by sharing the Good News or Word of God and Jesus Christ to everyone that they might received salvation before we will die.

  5. And lastly we need to ready Bible or the Word of God daily. So that we can understand and have solid faith in our life. By reading we increase our knowledge of Truth and we increase our faith. If we have faith no one can stop to reach our dreams and impact people to change their lives. Reading the Bible we become Wise and It's not true that if you are a graduate of Summa Cumlaude or Validictorian you become Wiseman it's not true but reading of the Word of God or the Bible you become Wise. But the real meaning of being Wise is found in the Book of Proverbs: "He that winneth souls is wise." -- Proverbs 11:30. I hope everyone will bring others to Jesus Christ and encourage others to serve the Lord as a Noble calling. And please don't forget to re-esteem and up vote or comments below and follow me! Thank and God bless you all. - Ptr. Rolly Custodio


Worthy of an upvote, very will put.

Good post and it made me think. Here is what I have to say.

I lead a life of no regrets. The reason being that I never look back. If you look back you will find something to regret and that will demotivated you.

The trick is to move on fast from reverses and only remember the lessons from the past. Look forward to the new day and the new week on Monday and imagine how successful you will be at the end of the week.

This way you will always be inspired and look forward to each new day in your life.


Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.Great post thinking about what i post on this week ;)
Happy Monday 😉


there are no regrets in life just lessons!

Thank you for refueling my heart ❤

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Thank you for writing awesome content


Thank you :)

It can be difficult to let go of the past but I have discovered that it is worth it.

Much appreciated with relevance giving rattling knowledge. i prefer your own post and no matter you allow us to grasp is entirely to-date and rather instructive, i would really wish to assist marker the location therefore i could come back here over again to examine anybody, since you've got done a superb trip.

good week

Market is subject to risk and you seem to made good ROI on that.

There was this story of a developer in 2010 who bought pizza with 10k BTC, he might be having sleepless nights.. :)

@dragonslayer, you wrote a wonderful i appreciate your creative skills and thanks a lot for inspiration

I like his photo very good

You share with us a small picture but it has a big meaning , you are right we must not look back , thank's to share this post with us , I have followed you ^_^

This thinking absolute right.

great post to have a good self-steem it encourage others

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And I really love your post. Great!

Thanks for the inspiration man.

Thanks for posting! It's true, everyone has shadows in their past. But its important for us as individuals not to get absorbed into that darkness. Regret is to inform your choices in the future, not to keep you locked to the past. Very inspirational, thank you.

I love to read inspirational post. Do keep it up and hope to read more from you.
Upvoted and followed you too. @madeve


If you don't mind, I would like to introduce my profile and I've wrote something for today.

I like stuff like that. It' so profounded that's​ why I​ am also writing a lot about motivation. Great Story I​ enjoyed reading.

Great !!! Thanks, Powerful week to You too!!!

i found about bitcoin when it was around less than 20$, kick myself every now and then that i didn't commit. But now for me ive turned that regret into a positive and started to learn more about block-chain technology and hope something comes out of it. channel it somewhere else. regret is everywhere.

Wow good one indeed, dont quite indeed keep moving!!!

You are right! There is a saying; If you make mistakes for the first time it's bad but if you make again a mistake it's very bad but it you make again a mistake on the third time it's worst. What's most important is every time you committed a mistake you need to learn and apply it to become wise. But the most important to know that you did mistake is to goo deeper into the Word of God or the Bible what does the Bible says of your mistakes you made on that way you will be guided by God in the right path. Proverbs 3:5-6 " Trust in the Lord with all your hear and lean not on your understanding and all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight." Don't forget to follow me and make comments, up vote and share this thought. Thank you and God bless you!

Oh nice, here you have my inspiration, hope you enjoy reading it as I did with yours

Thank you for sharing happy Monday to you as well.

This is so inspiring! <3
Looking forward for your future posts!
More blessings! :)

When investing, you should never get upset at missing an opportunity. Your displeasure is only the result of hindsight.

Back then, there was just as much chance the the price would tank as it would rise.

We always want to grow, progress, and contribute. Always something new to learn. Have a great day!

this really has inspired me to better and not quit. Thank you!

That sound like you i did the same as you did but i sold 25 BTC for about the same Price last Year. I am pretty sure we are not the only two who made this mistake :-D

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Like you rightly mentioned in the post that everything happen for a reason, maybe there is a reason why the 12 btc left you cheaply like that, but no matter what happens ,the best and most important is to learn from it. What a way to start Monday....Just cheer up. Life is sweet.

happy monday !

Great stuff for the week ahead

hi, nice to read about you.
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best of luck...

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I have fallen victim in such situation but mine wasn't that huge. Thanks for sharing!

"is to move on and not let the regret of the past blind you from your future."

Yep. For sure.

The biggest lessons are the ones you feel the most pain for anyway. That's why you learn and remember.

BTC regrets? I remember my friend telling me about it when it was $4...


Oh man that is a huge regret :O

These is very inspiring for me personally you thought a lot behind this thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful post :)

I don't bother to look back with the what ifs. Though it makes me sad but I challenge myself that my emotions will pass away while the lessons remain. So If I knew in myself that I had move on, it feels like winning a battle and ready to take a risk again!

Live life with no regrets.

Thank you. :)

'I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.' -- Thomas A. Edison

Everything in life is just another experience.. the sum of these experiences define us as a person, eventually. So yes, keep marching right ahead! Keep believing... quitting is just not an option for doers! :)

It seems that the btc improves I wish I had a btc

Totally agree with you, there should be no regrets only lessons.

I guess every single thing is a lesson. I know you will recover soon. Never quit... keep moving... satisfaction is right ahead.

Think👍👍👍👍 little goals and expect little💐💐💐💐 achievements. Think 👍👍👍👍big goals and win big success👌👌👌

@dragonslayer109 Great motivational post on moving on... and taken on the future. Introduction post coming soon

thanks for the inspiration god bless you

There are really times that you have no choice to accept what had happened. lol Move on 'cause you can never really turn back time. I liked that quote on the last pic. Nice post @dragonslayer109. :)

Great post! There are no coincidences in life, as random as things may seem, there is something greater than ourselves involved in what we do. Not controlling, but guiding us.

Good or bad, the experience is purposeful. I am starting to realise how powerful the human spirit is, vulnerable, yet powerful.

Thanks for the inspiration.😊

This is simply amazing @dragonslayer109. it has given me the inspiration I need

Thanks.. you're right everthing happens for a reason

Thanks dragon, every day I'm in for a new "Do It".

Your quote got me by the heart. I can't do anything without it. Thanks big D

Motivation is hard these autumn days..

Impressive one boss....sincerely there is no tangible reason to quit even at the very last minute because that might just be your own time. You just add more zeal to my resilient spirit boss thanks.

Never quit and have faith in yourself.
Thanks for motivation.