The Fall, The Rise and The Great Fall

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There are lot of things that go on in my life that don't make it to social media. In fact, my archive is still filled with some articles which I don't know when I will post yet.
This is why some people still marvel when I share some of my stories with them through writing even though they've known me for years. The truth is, I haven't even shared half of my story in writing.
The story I will share here today is one which has never made it to social media. I have not for once shared it in any of my articles but I believe someone needs the message I will convey today; besides, I feel it's high time I shared it.
One thing that I know about me is that I have the concern of people in my heart, and I always love to genuinely help. I guess this makes people easily seek different life solutions from me.
When I was in Ibadan, through providence, a lady found my contact on Facebook. She added me up and we started chatting. The first day we chatted, she shared her story with me which left me dumbfounded. In fact, she opened up all her secrets to me.
She shared with me how she was raped, which later resulted to an unwanted pregnancy and her journey into prostitution. Trust me, her story was heart-dreading.
But during the period she met me, she had already given her life to Christ but she was having some spiritual battles. She said she believed that the Lord had sent her to me because she'd prayed; and that was when she came across one of my articles which convinced her that I was the one to help her.
Her story was so touching and she was in dire need of help at that time, and I felt in my heart that I needed to help. That very week, I visited this lady at her apartment in Ibadan. Smiles. Yes, I can be surprising at times when it comes to helping people.
I was still studying in Ibadan then, and I was always broke too; but with the little that was with me, I went to visit her. I personally confirmed all about her story and we prayed; and when I was leaving, I left some money in her bible.
I can't remember how much, but I knew it was the last money I had that day aside from my transport fare back home. I kept it in her Bible because I knew she might not accept it. She was really in dire need but she was just trusting that God would help her out.
Well, by the time I got home, she found out about the money and was grateful. So, the rest of our conversation continued online. I gave her my church address, and for a while she started attending my church. And since then things started getting better for her.
She held me in high esteem and kept wondering how such a man like me still existed. She said that virtually every man she had known had taken advantage of her and used her, which led her into prostitution. But I was different.
I was humbled by her words but I made her understand that it was all God's grace and not mine. This made her see me as a true Christian—not just by my words. So, when things started getting better, our conversation reduced.
After all, God had used me to accomplish something in her life. So, I moved on with mine. Surprisingly, after so many days, I received a call from Pastor Paul Allen Ephraim . I guess that was the first day I would receive his call.
I never knew he also knew this lady. He called me to assist the lady. I was also financially down at that time too; but because he called me, I sent the little money that was with me to her, hoping God would take care of me.
She was grateful. But this story didn't end like this. Despite all what God did through Pastor Paul Allen Ephraim and I, this lady went back to her former world. We counselled, pleaded, and did everything within our power, but she was pleased with her former.
She boldly told me that she doesn't have to worry about feeding again and all. The day I even called her, she started asking if I wanted to pay for her service. Imagine! This was a lady I already knew had the testimony of salvation.
She started asking me if I was good at sex and all. That was the height for me and I just had to let her be.
Why am I sharing this story today? It is because of the powerful lessons I learnt from all that happened.

  1. No matter how spiritual you think you are, you are still not immune to backsliding or sin. You can fall, hence you need to keep trusting God for the grace to uphold you so that you won't have a great fall after God have lifted you.
  2. I also learnt that no one in this world can help another person if the person himself is not willing to help himself. Yes, if you are not willing to save yourself, no one will save you.
    Today, some people are seeking those to help them but they are actually not willing to help themselves. Things will never work that way. This said lady obviously needed help but she was never ready to help herself.
  3. The third lesson I learnt is that God can use anyone to help you. During those days that I was of help to this lady, I obviously needed help myself. I was always broke. No money. But I had the fear of God in me, and a vision. That was enough for God to use me for her even if I was nothing.
    I can pick some other lessons from this story but I believe these lessons are powerful enough. Ensure you never forget these lessons. I wish you well.
    I hope I have added great value to you through this story and lessons I shared? So, tell me, what lessons did you learn, friend?
    You know I sincerely value you. Cheers!

You were really an instrument of God, to help her, perhaps in a time reconsider and realize what is the right path.
The learning that you obtained with that experience will help you to strengthen yourself and be more prepared when encountering a new situation of this type.
God bless you.

Nice work mu dear

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