The Devastating Experience...

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Fifteen years of childlessness and the whole thing was finally taking a big toll on me.Against all odds and advice from my now aged parents, I refused to take a second wife. It was against everything I stood for as a Christian and apart from that, Agatha contributed to my success in being a millionaire today and I wasn't going to hurt her by getting myself a second wife or impregnate another woman for that matter.
Agatha single-handedly paid for my tuition fee from my year 2 to final year in the university, even after we graduated from School, she made sure I never lacked anything while searching for a job as Agatha was always there to make sure I was okay.
My parents and Siblings stopped coming to my house because they thought Agatha had bewitched me.
Prior to Agatha, I used to be a very promiscuous guy so it really shocked my siblings when even after 15 years of marriage,I was still hell bent on sticking to a "fellow man" like they called her.
I guess its true what they say, until you find someone you are afraid to cheat on, you are not in love.
We attended "The Experience " and other religious events, fasted, prayed and still nothing happened.
"Duke, I think you should just try and get yourself another woman, I won't be angry I promise. We have tried everything humanly possible but nothing is forthcoming, I am tired "
I rebuked her and warned her never to utter such words from her mouth again.
You could imagine our Joy when we Lazily went for one of our routine checks and the Doctor confirmed that Agatha was 2 weeks Pregnant .
We were ecstatic, I danced, screamed and just couldn't wait to tell my parents.
Mum insisted that Agatha should come over so that she can watch her properly. After much pestering and since I really wanted all my family to love my wife again, I gave in and she travelled.
"she called about two hours ago to say she was going to take the Airport shuttle, she's still not here" My mom said.
I called her number and she didn't pick, when she finally did, the Voice I heard wasn't my wife's own.. People were wailing and screaming..
"Oga, the owner of this phone die oh, na dis herdsmen here dem de kill people oh"
Immediately the call ended, it came up on the news about the killings in Plateau, the camera zoomed in on a face I recognized clearly, it was Mama Duke jnr, for I had already given the child a name.
The news sent my mum into a stroke and she lost her life in the process....
I have never been so devastated in my entire life before and I'm thinking of ending it...

Dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the Plateau massacre.