Some love stories don't have happy endings..

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My friends couldn't imagine that I would cry over a break up like this. I have not shed a tear in over 5 years and this really made them worried.
I didn't eat for days,I was wondering what I did wrong, questioning myself. Was I not good enough? Didn't I love her enough? Was I not there when she needed me? What exactly did I do?
My previous relationship was a disaster and I wanted this one to work, I invested everything into it,time,money,emotions and love, I kept other girls at bay because I didn't want to hurt my babe.
I took my eyes off other girls and solely concentrated on building a relationship that will stand the test of the time. "this is my wife" I had boasted to my friends.
"Fred,I know you gave everything for this relationship to work, I know the countless times you denied yourself so many things just to be with Clara, but if she called it quits without any tangible reason then you shouldn't kill yourself over it" my friend said .
"That's why it's annoying Marcus , what exactly did I do? I don't want to believe there's another guy, I don't want to. I mean for three years? I should have noticed something. Atleast let me cheat, let me do something bad. Not like our genotype don't match, I mean what exactly did I do"
Marcus didn't know what to say at this point and so he just left me to my tears and begged me to get something to eat.
Everyone around me asked me to move on like it was easy. Do this, do that, don't chat with her, give her space, go out with friends, just do something.I tried that for 1 year and still never got over her.
She didn't pick my calls anymore and had blocked me from facebook, whatsapp and on instagram, I tried visiting but the mum won't let me in as I guess I was now alien to them.
My cousin who came in from London to Abuja called me to come over as my sister had told him I wasn't doing anything meaningful with my life.
Abuja was another experience for me, My cousin took me out on numerous occasions ,I met with other girls but I couldn't bring myself to be with another person. I just couldn't bring myself to be with another person and it annoyed my cousin the more.
Two years after, during one of my errands for my cousin, I bumped into Clara and she had a baby with her and was also pregnant. She was so beautiful that I felt my heart skip at the sight of her.
I could tell she was shocked to see me as she could barely say anything..
"Clara, you look amazing, I see you are married and all. I'm so happy for you" I lied.
I never got the chance to find out , Clara, why? Like what did I ever do"
She looked back into the mall and I could tell she was with someone .
"Fred, I can't believe you still want to talk about this, but you did nothing. I don't know how I'm going to say this, but please forgive me.I Think I have to get this off my chest. I went for a party with my friends,there was this guy who had been asking me out while we were dating and my friends asked that we went to the Party,just eat his money and leave. I didnt know my friends set me up and drugged me, he slept with me and when I found out I was pregnant, I couldnt abort it because we don't abort children in my place else I will die. He said he was going to marry me and since he had money,my parents agreed to it and I couldn't do anything .I'm so sorry Fred, I'm really sorry "
At this point the guy out, he was 10x more handsome than me and looked every inch a gentleman. He hugged her and apologized for taking too long. They entered the beautiful Mercedes Benz car parked in front of the mall and zoomed off..
I watched the car till it went out of sight, I shook my head, clean my moist eyes and walked inside the mall, I was done blaming myself and thinking I didn't do enough, I was free atlast!!

Some love stories don't have happy endings..


Wow! Its very interesting , I almost got myself bern sober ..
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