No One But You

in #writing3 years ago

Yes, no one but you. And why just you? Because it is all about the choice you make. No one can destroy your home if you do not give them the permission to do so. It's just like accepting a facebook friend request. Would a person sending friend request force you to accept him/her. Of course, not!
The way you handle your home solely depends on you, and the results you get are from the choices you make.
If you receive and believe just any kind of information about your spouse from anybody, then you're planting a seed of discord that you may never be able to handle the shooting root. By the time the root begins to spread wide and large, you may just have lost your marriage.
Beware of what you feed your mind on, who you listen to and how you handle information. Not all information are true. Some people are just on the look out for your family decay. Third or fifth parties are people that will intentionally or unintentionally devour your home. But it still depends of you.
If you can't handle information, thereby believing all, you may lose your home with or without your permission. Mostly with your permission.
You heard that your spouse went out with an opposite sex, and the next thing you did on getting home was to ignore her or slap her. Hello, you're looking for the trouble that has never been there. If with your own permission, you allow filthy information to rob your home or marriage of her joy, trust and peace, then you need to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally.
Why am I saying this? Simply because many of us are so weak that we allow the wrong people in our spaces. We give them the audacity to manipulate us. We make them feel superior over what doesn't concern them. Our hearts are so fragile that we can't completely trust our own people or even ourselves.
Who said this statement, "No one can destroy your home without your knowledge or consent?"
It was my husband. While we were seeing a Korean movie. Yes, we learn as we see. We don't just watch, we see deep things in what some people just laugh about. We are never going to allow any wrong fellow into our space. And you know what?
It begins from the mind. Guard your heart diligently for out of it comes the issues of life. Whatever will pull you down physically must have done that spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
No one but you can destroy your home. Will you?