Family Holds Writing Contest To Give Away Their Farm

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One family in Alaska, June and John Strothenke, have been looking to relocate to Upstate New York due to personal and health reasons; to be closer to their loved ones.

And rather than listing their property on the market, they are looking to hold a writing contest to 'sell' the home--it will end up going to one lucky winner.

The reason it will sort of be 'sold' is because every entry is going to be required to pay $1,000 to have their essay considered and they are expecting a maximum of 420 entries so at the end of it, if they get all the entries they need, they'll see $420,000 for their property.

$1,000 to try and win a 2 1/2 acre property space.

They have already worked with a lawyer and sought help from the First National Bank of Alaska to put the plan together. They are hoping that the entries will be essays about why people want the farm property and what sort of animals they might raise on the farm and so on.

For those who might want to take a chance at winning, they aren't limited to only one entry. So the chances for them greatly increase the more entries that they opt to include.

The theme of the essay, which needs to be 350 words or less, is Why I Would Like To Own A Hobby Farm In Fairbanks, Alaska and anyone who wants to take part is going to need to be at least 18 years old to enter.

Whoever is decided to be the winner is going to receive a Certificate of Title

They will be enlisting help from three different judges to narrow it down from the final top 20 essay entries. And all of the entries must be sent to them before Jan 14th of next year, though they must be postmarked before the end of this year—December 31st.




Wauw, that isn't much money at all for that :O

What a great way to "sell" a house @doitvoluntarily ! And 420,000 K for a house on over 2 acres is a steal to begin with , it costs min. That much just for an apartment around here ! LOL! Granted it is in Alaska and there's only a certain amount of people that truly want go get away from it all near the Northern lights !! I really wish I was a writer of some sort and had the 1,000.00 entry fee laying around that I could afford to lose ! Then to become a citizen ! Haha ! But for sure the concept is awesome !! Maybe they will accept 1,000.00 Steem as an entry !?!? Thanks for sharing !😊✌💕👌🏡🏠🏡🏠🏡🏠🏡

looks like its time for me to write about how I would turn it into a bitcoin mining farm and use wind and solar to power it up and the only herbs ill grow there is weed and keep some chickens and sheeps and a few horses to go around while my machines are making me bitcoins on the farm.

I'd love to see all of the entries

i bet they'll be interesting to read

As awesome as this is, I'm wondering how they are going to ensure that it isn't rigged. Who is judging the contest etc. I shall have to research this further. Thanks for spreading the word!

Wow ! Mind blowing Idea !! 👍

This news is really awesome. Good luck to all writers who will join on this contest.

Very unique and interesting way of selling a real estate property. I'm impressed by the creativity and boldness of this couple. Wish I could participate since me and my wife loves animals but our kids are too small. Wish you luck!

I will point out that in Fairbanks, Alaska, it gets to 55 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. There aren't many farm animals that can survive at those temperatures without heated shelter.

That is so cold that when you breath out, your breath forms clouds of ice crystals, that flutter down to the ground, unless a breeze wafts them away. Pee doesn't actually freeze in midair, but it will form stalagmites, little frozen, yellow pillars of pee.

You know that meme where you press your tongue on something, and it gets stuck? Not a meme. Real thing. Don't do it!

Good luck!

sounds like the perfect opportunity to get started on a walipini! haha 👍

Very nice post you @doitvoluntarily. Thank you very much for the information. Maybe I will follow this contest. :-)

Good luck to everyone who will participate! It's pretty amazing!

A number of years ago, I wrote a pamphlet about these types of contests in New Hampshire and the surrounding area. I even reached out to the NH Secretary of State's office for an opinion on these types of contests. They were besieged with inquiries about the validity and legality of such a contest.

Since choosing a "best entry" is subjective, and not a game of chance, or the opposite, a predetermined outcome (such as a math problem), the opportunity for manipulation is fairly large. How could one dispute the determination of a winner?

In all likelihood, the persons involved in offering this farm are true. However, entrants should fully understand and accept the risks involved in such a contest.

A healthy outlook would be to treat this as a lottery. While putting forth your best effort in crafting an essay is imperative, understand that it all comes down to another's opinion, and that your chances are just that. A chance.

Sorry for being gullible, but is this for real, my friend? :)

solar to power it up and the only herbs ill grow there is weed and keep some chickens and sheeps and a few horses to go around while my machines,That is so cold that when you breath out, your breath forms clouds of ice crystals, that flutter down to the ground, unless a breeze wafts them away. I shall have to research this further. Thanks for spreading the word!

Amazing I've never heard of this happening, I love your posts and how much I learn from them, thank you

ohh the great paradise home

Wonderful outside the box idea that generates

  1. creative writing skills.
  2. A genuine owner who will continue to be good to the property
  3. A greater guarantee to not reducing a selling price.
  4. Introduces a new fun and creative form of marketing.
  5. Attracts publicity to the property.
  6. Creates a lasting memory to what would have been a tedious old sale.

Thanks so much for sharing. I saved the article and will share it with friends.

Hey @enjoywithroy that's a great comments I really appreciate it 👌👌

Thanks my friend.

Welcome you're kind 🙏👍

What a cracking idea, I hope they get a lot of entries! I would send one but I dont have a grand and also have a life in England so a few obstacles.

Love the idea though truly decentralised , cracking !

All respect for this subject

What a creative way to sell your place. The more entries you write the more chances you have to win. A lot to consider when you sell a place this way. In the end there is some assurance that the winner will take loving care of the place you put so much of your life into.

I have seen a few things like this, raffling there house seems to be a popular one :)

What an amazing idea! The present is giving us enormous portion of possibilities, and together with great imagination like these people have, you can actually accomplish a lot... Wish them great luck, and thanks for sharing it here :)

A Steemit first! A house lottery!

Wow. I am intrigued. Very nice post.

bit late to catch this but not late to comment.
sounds like a kind of IEO - initial estate offering or initial essay offering

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