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dude you understand this is plagiarism right?

I'm not claiming it as my own. I'm digitizing his work. Credit to him is all throughout the post.

yeah, that may still qualify as plagiarism. Doesn't matter if you cite the source when you are posting someone's work whole cloth. This is a decent summary of plagiarism issues as they relate to US law:
Of note in this case:

All of the following are considered plagiarism: [...] - copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not (see our section on "fair use" rules)

In this case of course it is all someone else's work.

Whether or not you call it plagiarism may be a matter of semantics, but it is 100% clear cut copyright infringement. This is the copyrighted work of another author. It has, in fact, already been "digitized" and ebook versions of the publication are on sale online. The rights to this and all of Hunter S. Thompson's publications are owned by the Gonzo Trust, a legal entity overseen by his attorneys and trustees. You have no rights to publish this work on Steem blockchain.

There's no arguing that. Message received. Just a fan trying to share his work with others. I'll be sure to do that in a different, more responsible, way from here on out. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Better to get a warning from you than action from an authority. I will stop immediately.

yeah I totally feel where you are coming from, these posts are very obviously a labor of love for you. No hard feelings from my end, I felt a little bad even saying it to you in the first place but I spend a fair amount of energy trying to combat plagiarism and copyright infringement here on Steem blockchain. I personally feel it is an important thing to do as someone hoping for a long term future for Steem blockchain. I guess I just hope you can find ways to express love for Fear and Loathing in creative ways without necessarily pasting in whole chapters :) Cheers

you are waaaay overstating the case, carl. geezus, lighten up dude. No court would even deign to hear this, as no harm will come to his estate, or their ability to earn, in fact, fan fiction, even using trademarked and copyrighted material has been upheld as adding to the brand. Get a life.

While of course I won't lose any sleep over what random dude on the internet says, I am curious as to what possible justification you could have for thinking it is okay to paste entire chapters of another author's copyrighted work on Steem blockchain, even if the author was acknowledged. To be clear, this was not "fan fic". There was not in fact one word in this post, before it was edited, that was written by @doc-gonzo. He is of course free to mute me and ignore me. You are also free to say whatever you want. Indulge me in a thought experiment - you would be 100% okay with it if I, without asking your permission, reposted one or more of your own prior blog posts on my own blog and accepted rewards for them, as long as I mentioned at the top that this was your work? And then I just pasted in the entire blog post?

Whether or not a court would hear this case is mostly irrelevant. The question at hand is, do you want Steem blockchain to be known as the home of copyright infringement and plagiarism, or do you want it to be known as the home of original content? I want it to be known as the home of original content. Cheers - Carl

I'm curious to know why you care?

Im curious about this "fan fiction" stipulation. I mean, there were some of my own words on there. I introduced the chapter and ran my self promotion stuff. This, in my mind, was just a continuation of an already existing "read along" project I was working through, putting focus on his work one chapter at a time. Because it was just the next installment I didn't feel it needed a huge introduction or anything. So at what point does it step over the threshold of "fan fic" into blatent plagerism? Like I said in my comment to Mark below, I'm grateful for your intervention with my (at the time) current course of actions, but I wonder if there's a way to just tweak the appraoch and be on the right side of the law? On second thought, it really doesn't matter as I'm trying to move on and find a voice of my own.

Carl can suck it! Steem on brother. You can mute him, by the way.

Haha... That was my initial reaction as well but what he said was valid. If im going to be here for the long haul I need to do things correctly. Our interaction has forced me to change course and seek out ways to become a better writer and focus on the creation of my own works. I'm not salty about it, I'm grateful. I kinda wish I could start this account over or delete the posts I have put out there so far. Since I can't, I'm learning from past mistakes and moving forward. Thanks for having my back though. Not a fan of Carl's I take it?

Not a fan of officious douchebags. Who needs govt with guys like him around?

You didn't answer my previous question and I am genuinely curious in your perspective here as an author yourself - are you really trying to say you would have absolutely no problem with it if I (without asking for your permission first) visited your website or your blog here on Steem and copied an entire chapter of your original work, and then published it on my own blog here on Steem to earn rewards from your work? Would it make a difference if I identified that the chapter that followed was the work of @markrmorrisjr and I wrote a few sentences about how I was a fan of your writing (which I am btw) before pasting in the chapter of your work? Would it make a difference if I kept doing this repeatedly, posting chapter after chapter of your work on my own blog and earning rewards from it?

I suppose it is possible your answer is that you really wouldn't care at all if I was publishing your work and earning $ from it without your permission and without sharing the $ with you. If that is the case, I do not think I am going out on a limb to say that you would be in the vanishingly slim minority of authors who would feel that way.

Great post! I was just stopping by to say hi, thanks for your recent support, and leave you a little upvote and comment. Stop by for more stories and contests any time! @markrmorrisjr