Article - The history of John Lennon: The brain, the creativity and the entertainment in the Beatles!

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The Beatles is always popular. And they will be that through all times. They wrote a lot about daily incidents and about love!

John Lennon was in constant development, and never the same from day to day. He had a bit rebellious way in his nature, and he tried to make music that had never been seen in the world heretofore. He just made his own image when being in the Beatles, and together with Paul McCartney he was the most known person in the band. He played the guitar, the keyboard, and he song some text when presented new music for the Beatles.

John Lennon used drugs, and hence he was not a streamlined musician. We cannot program the individuality and the intellectuality, we have to used ourselves and our talents. The songs «Yellow Submarine» and «Imagine» were probably made in narcissus. You cannot make something new and special if you are not none-ordinary!

What was special with John Lennon was all the ideas and the thinking he used in his music writing. The name of the band: «The Beatles» meant rhythm in the music. The group also thought about using other names, but the choice ended in this name! And they were popular around the whole world. The members were Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison! The band was formed in Liverpool in 1960.

John Lennon was together with Paul McCartney the most important person in the Beatles in doing their music efforts. Hence, he was the central brain in the Beatles. They were a bit challenging and crazy in their efforts, since this music had no special determined manners and solutions about what to be. They tried to shape the reality, but the reality also shaped them! Accordingly, they had to produce music, and they were popular around the whole world. John Lennon song, he used the guitar, and the used the keyboard. Paul McCartney song and played the guitar. George Harrison just played the guitar, and Ringo Starr was good at playing drums!

The most famous musical contribution from John Lennon is «Imagine». He is singing about whether where is no country, no religion and that people are living for today! This song is still actual, and many people around the world love it also today!

John Lennon took away his wifes from the media, played the music and held songs, and he kissed them. The kiss is an inner longing in the human nature, and one is forced to do it if one should love a lady! John Lennons first wife was Cynthia Powell, and his second wife is recognized around the world even today and is Yoko Ono! She is living today, but she is relatively old now!

It was a great shock for the whole world when John Lennon was shot in New York in 1980. He had lived a famous and tough life, but he never gave up. What we can learn from John Lennon is that you must believe in your talent and in your way to shape reality. There is no solution about what to do, but you determine yourself and together with thers what the music should be, and what the content should be in the songs! Using the brain, the creativity and having the time in funny ways were always John Lennons perception of life!

We shine peace on John Lennons memory even today! John had made some traces in the pop music that we will never forget!

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