Article - Does weather situation imply anything for consumption?

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We can answer this question yes or no. Yes if the consumers are affected by the weather when making decisions. And we answer the question no if the weather does not imply anything for decisions.

You and me are nearly always engaged in how the weather is. We are not interested in which variables and factors that affect the weather situation, and how the weather can be explained in addition to all the statistics involved. We should always try to explain the processes and the product of why the weather is as it is. And there can be systematic and unsystematic patterns in the explanations. And school results at all levels can explain ourselves in the ways we are and in the ways we are functioning!

You should not have any fear for any scientific publication or any scientific results. They can all be changed by changing behavior. That is the cause for our opinions, and what our opinions imply. But cemented perception will imply the same and the different explaining structures in relation to free perception. The best of all things is to be liberal in your views, but you should use them to constitute environments, and doing things even better. The same is true for the boarding planning, implementation and control! All things can be programmed in relation to your properties, and your mind and brain!

Consumption is about making experiences when you have bought articles, goods or services. Consumption is about your focus when you are enjoying and tasting meals, and about using different products in life that you have benefits for. The weather can imply something for consumption, or there could be no connection between weather and the consumption. We see that nice weather have something to do with explaining buying behavior for beer and ice cream. But there can be different patterns, and much is dependent on the thinking and the intelligence level to the people involved. I can buy many articles in Sweden when it is nice or bad weather. Hence, I determine myself how my consumption habits are, and I can define my own consumption structures independently of what professional people at all levels in societies are telling you. Be your own boss sometimes, and other times you can act in accordance with the masses and by listening to other people. But the brain and your decisions are just unique.

We can listen, see, smell, taste and feel same and/or different things the places we are. You and your personality, your experiences, your intelligence level, and you knowledges structure what is happening in different environments. Life is about understanding nature and human nature, and we can dwell with it the whole life! We can be concrete and/or abstract when using our senses, and you are not conformed to do what you always have been done! Life is learning in the whole length!

We find the following structure in relation to weather and consumption everywhere ever since at ever time in the world:

1.  The vivant people. These people are voluptuary, and they consume more the better the weather is! They appreciate life, and the better conditions there are, the better the life is perceived!

2.  The engaged people. These people consume less the better the weather is. They know a lot!

3.  The reactive people. These people consume less the worser the weather is. They need products, but they are not much involved regardless of what happen at different places.

4.  The proactive people. These people consume more the worser the weather is. Negative things can nearly always be turned to something positive

Hence, there is or there is not any clear connection between weather and consumption. The results you get from time to time is dependent of the data you have caught, and you can always get more and better fishes, as more and better data!

Please do follow if you want to keep up with my next article. Any upvotes or resteems are hugely appreciated!

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

Photoes from CCC (Content Creator Channel), © by Ulla Jensen

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Excellent article. A necessary reflection. Maybe I do not totally agree with the categories you propose in terms of consumption vs. climate but I appreciate the intensity of your concern. I hope to read your next article. Regards @digi-me

Thank you so much! :)

Hello Hello!

Your arguments are valid and very well developed, I think the idea of taking care of some things

Greetings from Venezuela

Hey thanks! Have a great day :)

ehy dear @digi-me, yes in my opinion also time affects people's consumption. I would certainly say that in addition to the type of people we should also make a distinction of products. I mean, for example, if it rains, people will tend to go to bars to protect themselves or go to the mall to pass the time!
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