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And once again you stand laughing there and the whole world laughs with you. Those smile lines around your eyes, those crooked yet perfect front teeth, those bottle green eyes and that attitude. Could someone love anything as much as I love you? I never knew I had it in me to think of anyone like I do for you. To have so much to give away from my heart and never ask for anything in return. But why, you may ask. I wish I knew. It would solve a great mystery. And now tomorrow, you will go away. Far away and yes, we will remain friends. And yes, we will know how each of us is doing, but I will never see you laugh again. Maybe once in a blue moon, if we run into each other. But not on a daily basis. I will never be able to make you love me. Neruda said, “Loving is so short, forgetting is so long”. I finally know what he meant. And it is not pleasant. Should I tell you I love you? Maybe you would love me too. But it has been only three weeks since I knew you. And though for now, we may feel this, but soon enough it will be washed off. Time and distance act like the ocean on the sands of time, making everything seem as if it had never been there in the first place. But what do you do, when your only love is thousands of miles away from you? If there really is just one person for everyone in this world, what if they live on the opposite sides of the sphere? What is the probability that they will ever meet? How will you know in which corner you are supposed to look? What if they never do meet? Or worse, what if they meet, and cannot be together. And all that we are left with are those too few memories fading away with time, just like sand under the ocean, leaving no imprints. And then you realise, you no longer remember what they sounded like. What they smelled like. Oh yes, you know how it felt, but exactly how was it? No clue at all. And you try and grasp at the memories but end up with nothing but air in your hands. So I come and stand beside you. I want every second of you before you go away forever. Every glance you take. Every subconscious habit of yours. Your dreams. Hopes. Fears. Everything. I want to take away as much of you as possible because you have taken me away from myself. And I would need something to survive for the rest of my life. Something to hold onto. Not hope. It would just make me hopeless. People will scoff, say that you cannot love someone in just three weeks. Well I too believed you couldn’t till I did. And maybe you think so too. And I cannot explain this to you or anyone. I cannot even to myself. And I know that I have just met you. And I know that we will probably never meet again. But I have loved you with the purest love I could have procured. You won’t remember me after a few years. But me? I will never forget you throughout my life.

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