Consciousness Is Everywhere

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Everywhere you look is a world filled with moving parts. Gears in a huge machine all working to create ecosystems and environmental systems which form the world that you know. Everything seems to be working for higher orders of existence. Cells within your bodily system work in unison to create your form. Your brain gives you the sense of self, yet everything you can see works for larger orders of identity.

Consciousness is not unique. It is the awareness of and the ability to navigate your surroundings to accomplish your purpose. Procreation is the purpose for most life. Advancement can be seen through the alterations we call evolution which are caused by environmental changes affecting the genetic makeup of offspring enabling them to thrive as their environment becomes less hospitable.

Everything has consciousness. Every particle. Everything. The universal commonality we all share is consciousness. So, if everything is working for larger orders of identity at the microscopic scale, with limited examples of life thriving independent of their kind, it becomes apparent that we too are examples of life which is a part of a larger order. The order of humanity. We all share a universal conscious mind.

Be a part of the higher order of consciousness. Tap into your potential and make a difference. Understand that we are all connected and begin treating those in your life with that knowledge in mind. The golden rule, do onto others as you would want done onto you...

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You're a good writer. I enjoyed your post and agree with your sentiments. I have written articles like that, too. I guess you could say that you have a new follower, too.

Scientists are starting to pick up on the idea that everything is conscious. Mathematicians have concluded that if man has free will, he gets it from the matter of which he is composed. I think you might find agreement with those statements. If you do, then we might get along well.

Have a fine day.

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