365 days of not gambling

in writing •  7 months ago

Day 3
, I’ll try to pick up where I left off. I did do the job today for a customer who has been using me for years, come to think of it, I always disposed of credit card information right after I use them, except for when they are requiring payments for rent. Just a thought I had earlier as if I knew I would be in this trouble someday. So, I did put together $25 last night for the stop payment, but I decided to wait to see if it would go through. Unfortunately, it did. Now what, I have woken up with all my checking accounts in the negative, thousands all together. Of course, I stop at my bank to try to get a stop payment made on the account. She informs me to call the back of the debit card for assistance. So, I did that and for some reason it has not come off my account yet. I’m literally stuck at the house with no gas to even go anywhere. (maybe higher power keeping me from gambling). I’ll try to dive into my childhood and a little bit about myself to give you a picture of where I come from and what motivates me

Day 4

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