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Both coins in Nigerian naira (NGN)
Hello peeps,
How is your day going.
It's another beautiful start for these two coins and they have adapted to the bullish trend.
STEEM, our very own coin has ran a good run since yesterday's evening where it started gaining values from what it lost before the weekend. It has gained over 1.3% of its previous price as at yesterday (i.e 24 hours volume). It's been suffering and struggling so hard to get those losses and now, it's back on track with some highs which I believe didn't just affected STEEM alone.
BAT on the other hand has joined the bullish trend so well and it's getting those appealing colours that we saw before the downs experienced by almost all coins. BAT has gained over 0.8% which did last for up to an hour and now, it's currently at 0.6%.
For the record;
STEEM is currently at NGN145.5 with 1.3% increase from it's previous price of yesterday.
BAT is currently at NGN62.59 with 0.6% increase from it's previous price of yesterday.
What are the odds that these ups will last?
Does it means that the winter is over?
These questions have been popping up on almost every crypto news updates.
Well, for us here. We'll watch and see the last part of this movie

Okay peeps, this is where I'll drop it for now.
You can follow me here on Steemit @daniella619 for more updates.
Remember to show your support.
Thanks for dropping by.

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