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writing allows you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience, it's a form of expression through written letters or symbols, it's main aim is to communicate thought and ideas in a readable form. Writing allows you put your feelings and idea in paper into convincing arguments. Everyone is basically a writer but not everyone gets that incredible feeling and sense of identity as a writer.

There are different types of writing

  • Expository writing : expository writing involves trying to explain or inform. It involves all types of category except persuasive. The writer tries to explain to you about a particular topic or subject matter without personal interference or bias. He tries to explain facts. Example of such articles are steps to succeed on steemit, how to prepare a particular type of dish etc.
  • Persuasive writing : in persuasive writing, the writer/author tries to convince you, often states his opinions and can be often bias in order to convince you on a particular subject. Examples are adverts, letter of recommendation, letter of good moral character etc
  • Descriptive writing : descriptive writing involves describing a process, an event, a person, an experience, etc. It can be in different form but most commonly in poetry. Examples are descriptive poems, journals etc
  • Narrative writing : narrative writing aim to tell a story, can be fiction or non fiction. Examples includes novels, stories etc.
    Writing skills are important part of communication, it is very important to develop writing skills, writing can be difficult and most times its even harder to put your thoughts and ideas to words. You feel you lack the needed basic skills to express your ideas and thought or even trying to fit in the proper words.


  • It is satisfying- what could be more satisfying than being able to express yourself and doing abit of magic with a pen and paper. You turn ideas and thought into physical information in form of a written article or book. It gives off this trophy-get feel of having done something special irrespective of the size of work you have done. Ever imagined if the books you have to study or the articles you read to grab knowledge and information about something was never written. Writing gives you that feel that you are passing/sharing your ideas and stories.

  • Basic writing has no rule- many would wonder why I included this and decided to talk about it. Most times you get the inspiration to write about something, alot of ideas doing madness in your head and you really want to connect with your pen and paper at that moment, you want to throw away all the rules and just express yourself on that piece of paper. You don't care about punctuation marks, wrong spelling etc. Just write, write and continue to write. Don't worry about what you are doing wrong, you will surely come back to that later.

  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling - it's very important to consider grammar, the purpose of writing is to communicate your idea, so there is need for people to read and understand what you are wrote.it’s important to remember your audience. Always write with your audience in mind. There is need to form coherent words and sentences. Always check for wrong spellings and punctuation at the end of writing. It's okay to ignore this while you are writing and connecting with your pen and paper, but do make sure to look them out after writing.

  • ideas can come anywhere - one basic fact about creative writers is the fact that an idea can pop up anytime and anywhere. Writing doesn't consider your schedule. As those ideas come, it's ideal you scribble them somewhere. Many times you write under different circumstances, you write at home, at your office, while studying etc.

  • Don't be afraid to relate and show your shortcomings- no one is ever perfect, ever heard the saying that the bad experiences are what makes a good story? people will seek to connect with you more.

  • Always create an outline and start writing - an outline helps you build your work into a basic frame work, avoid procrastination, as soon as an idea erupt, scribble it somewhere, Start writing.

  • Share your work- no one gets to appreciate a work they ve not seen, when you are done, share your work with your writing group, trusted friend, colleague etc. They help appreciate your work as well as proof read.

#DWG is a steemit based writing group/circle, you are welcome to join us in our discord community here - https://discord.gg/ruJBMc8

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