Brief Reflections on My Year on Steemit

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Brief Reflections on My Year on Steemit

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Ah, the classic accidental double post. It seems the constant multitasking has taken its toll! Nonetheless, I shall take this opportunity to reflect a bit on my year on Steemit, though the anniversary was really two weeks ago. I've never made any milestone posts other than those related to the poetry challenge because they seem quite arbitrary. Yet, here we are, with the universe encouraging spontaneous reflection due to my apparent mis-take.

A few notes on my year of experience on Steemit

The idea of a social media platform interwoven with its own blockchain is, depending on your view, a revolutionary undertaking or a fool's errand. Being metaphysically inclined, I lean towards the former. Human attention and energy is inherently valuable, and a token dependent on interactions between sentient beings on a more expressive level should, in the long run, accumulate greater value than a traditional cryptographic coin.

Worth it despite the flaws

Now that I am past the infatuation phase with Steemit, capable of acknowledging its severe shortcomings (including its absolutely horrendous UI compared to any other modern social media website) I still come to the conclusion that this is the most optimal place for me to interact with others online. I was very active some time ago on Facebook and even though I was connected with many like-minded people, the level of toxicity I had to endure was simply absurd. Yes, there is spam here; there are poisonous individuals everywhere. However, the fact that comments and posts are monetized makes Steemit a more reward-based system. There is little incentive to be hateful here, in fact, there is the disincentive of potential flagging.

I remain bullish on STEEM

During my time on Steemit I have also had my first experience dealing with the dynamics of bearish and bullish phases in a market, which has been educational as well as disturbing. In order to make wiser decisions it is generally necessary to make mistakes. I am grateful to be in a position in which my ignorance does not destroy me completely and propels me into a more discerning future. I am wary of the "next-big-thing" over-hyped cryptocurrencies and still feel optimistic about the future of the STEEM blockchain because it generally delivers on everything I would expect from a practical modern blockchain.

Growth has been evident

I have made many connections here and grown immeasurably as a person and a writer. I have grown to love the process of blogging and sharing my experiences in this format. I increased my creative discipline and wrote near daily for over a year. I found a safe place to try to lead a massive project for the first time in my life. No matter the monetary outcome, I will never forget how much my dedication to Steemit has changed my life. And I will never forget all of you who have accompanied me on this amazing journey. Here's to another year of sharing, connecting, and blazing trails into our collective future!

Love Always,
Daniel / @d-pend
July 2, 2018



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Yo @d-pend! Yeah, Steemit is the CRACK-COCAINE of personal and artistic development! After reading your post I meditated on some of the CORE areas in which Steemit has THROTTLED by development in the past (almost) year. One area which is becoming INCREASINGLY clear to me is in the APPRECIATION and SKILL in the process of "commenting" on Steemit (and social media in general). The fact that comments are labelled as "posts" here on Steemit is something that people don't fully understand until they reach more advanced levels of proficiency/experience with the platform. To illustrate this, I have been finding that the quality of my comments BOTH on Steemit and OFF of Steemit (ex. specifically YouTube) has evolved by leaps and bound since engaging with this platform. Interestingly, I find that NON-Steemians who read my comments (on YouTube) seem to feel like my comments are "overly elaborate", but this is because THEY have NOT come to realize the VALUE of comments, because they haven't made that evolution through exposure to blockchain social media concepts. This is ony become MORE APPARENT over time - which I consider a "badge of honor", and a METRIC of how far I have come. I believe that as more and more people become exposed to this aspect of blockchain social media (commenting) the bar will be lifted across the entire social media realm (blockchain-based or not)...

Happy "Steemversary" to you!

This caught my eye:

I was very active some time ago on Facebook and even though I was connected with many like-minded people, the level of toxicity I had to endure was simply absurd.

Like you, I grew somewhat (heart) sick of FB because of the toxicity, which really seemed to ramp up during the US Presidential campaign, election and beyond.

In spite of its somewhat antiquated feel, this seemed like a bit of a throwback to the old days of "social blogging," pre-MySpace and Facebook. "Social" was about interaction back then, not just about firing off memes, one-liners and insults.

I feel hopeful this place will continue to grow.

Congratulations for having arrived to a year of artistic life on this platform that has been enriched by its presence. It has come a long way and there is still a long way to go. From here, to the infinite and beyond. Or, perhaps, to the deep sea where the whales undulate. In any case ... Success and Blessings, @d-pend!


good for succusees and blessing give that man. help to me oneother plzz follow me and upvote my blog


Even worse, don't do it four times on the same blog! xD You get a pass because you're new to Steemit, but c'mon!

Happy 1st Steemit birthday @d-pend, it really is amazing to be able to connect, share and learn with so many people from all over the world. What a global community we are! I am so happy you came here and took the courage to create such an awesome challenge that has resulted in the creation of such great poetry , of such great connections and greater learning from all who took part, that is something you should be very proud of, I for one am very grateful xx Steem On xx

Congratulations @d-pend. It is not the time that makes a milestone so heavy. It is the gravity.

I’m thankful you continued and especially thankful our continued to share poems that reach beyond the here and now. Sometimes these poems really knocked me out.

To be honest the reason I keep coming back here is because your creations make me:

  1. Laugh
  2. Smile
  3. Think

    Every time I visit your blog I find something new and learn something new. It’s that simple. I appreciate your support but even more the interaction and exchange of ideas and artistic principles and philosophies.

    I’m pretty sure I will be with you as long as you are on Steemit. It will be hard to shake me off.


Socialization with people from all over the planet is an incredible experience. The diversity of culture becomes one when we interact with the heart. Happy birthday in steemit.


Yes, I didn't touch on that. Maybe I'll add a section about it. Meeting people globally has been one of the most inspiring aspects of the Steemit experience. Thank you friend.

aww glad that you are part of this wonderful platform! :)

Congratulations on your Steemit-birthday, @d-pend! I wanna be like you when I grow up XD

Seriously, what you say about facebook is just bullseye. I'd rather get away from toxic environments and toxic people; enough dealing with one's own inherent human toxicity.

I hope you can do yet greater things. Best vibes for you, dear ☻♥

I just passed my one year mark too!

This happened to me last week and I discovered you can't delete posts on Steemit! lol


Haha. I really ought to know better! But, hopefully I turned a mistake into something of value :-)


Hi @sanjana003, please don't add the link to your blog on someone else's unless it has something to do with the subject matter. It's considered somewhat rude. I'm letting you know because if you keep doing it, you'll end up getting flagged, which decreases your reputation. (The opposite of what you are hoping to do!)


Tnanks dear but hope so u will be help me for support and for ill stay in this platform dear any way good suggested to me.

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$5 vote for a $20 bid, YIKES.

For me, Steam is like a drug :-( It even hinders me at work...


LOL! I definitely displayed characteristics of an addict with regards to Steemit during parts of this past year :-D


Yes, I see... I just wrote about my sore problem)))


Ya, man. But i wont to do same for u

Hello d-pend,

@SteemEngineTeam would like to take the time to thank you for signing up and participating in our community. Your contributions and support are important to us and we hope you will continue to use our platform.

We plan to give back to our community members, so have an upvote on us!

Thank you.

You get to learn something new on steemit everyday.. it's really fun.. addicted to it. A year and alot more to go for you I hope..
Keep going


It is quite addicting @anishag, I agree. Thanks for the comment!

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Time flies and it seems like long ago when daily poetry was indeed an addiction. Hoping to see another edition but maybe a shorter one of 25 days or even 12 days of poetry and hopefully many more will join

stay blessed always