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RE: Steemit Search and Replace for Beginners: find "whale" / replace with "followers"

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Nice read. My thinking is pretty much in line with yours, and I touched on some similar sentiments in my latest post reflecting on my Steemit progress over the past 5 months. One of the greatest changes made to the platform so far is shortening the power down period. I think that will really hasten the distribution of Steem and accelerate the rise of a new dolphin class. The sooner that everyone who wants to cash out can do so, the better off we'll all be in the long run.


Yes, it makes Steem more flexible. Now that you mentioned it, I can see two levels of Power Up, one with power down in 2 years and one with power down in 3 months. With different levels of interest and Rshares power, of course. But maybe this is too complex.

That's an interesting idea, tying interest & voting power to power down lengths. Taken to extremes, I can imagine a sliding power down scale where you could just input a desired duration. Maybe the system would let you alter your choice, say, once a month, and that would change your interest & voting power accordingly (by the way do we still get interest? The only real accumulation I see is from curation rewards).

I think the interest on Steem Power isn't there anymore, that's just inflation, 9.5% per year but I may be wrong.

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