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RE: My Writing Journey: Do You Like Katars?, 2/23/2019

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Dear @michaias

Please accept my honest appology for this post (not related to your topic).

I'm pretty sure I already reached out to you (asking for your vote for little initiative Im supporting) so this request may not be anything new :)

Could you please vote on this dpoll for a friendly community (SteemChurch), which Im trying to support?

It's such a fierce contest and just after 4 days we're right behind SteemitBloggers:

We've another 3 exciting days ahead of us. Perhaps you could ask around your friends if they wouldn't mind support our small initiative.

I would be very grateful :)


Please vote on "SteemChurch". I would appreciate your support a lot.



Thank you for the reminder. I apologize, but I've been ill and highly distracted. I will vote once I get home tonight.

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Dear @michaias

Thank you for the reminder.

Absolutely :) So please allow me to remind you again:

And drop a vote on SteemChurch.

I would absolutely appreciate it.


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