I did not write this.

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But the guys that did, the exceptionally skilled wonderwomen and -men at The Oatmeal (consume at your own risk) deserve promotion for it. Here's the article. It's about this thing:

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I'm currently out of a car, myself, and doing some low-level shopping. I wasn't shopping in the $70,000 range, but perhaps I should be. I don't do car loans, and I'm not much for leases. And I'd prefer a convertible. But one of these babies would look really good in my driveway, I think.

Started me thinking about settling, and where in my life I've just gone for what would get me by instead of what would actually contribute something meaningful to my life. There are places where I've done that. I'm a human, I take incremental advances as good things--eating a donut, for instance, instead of holding onto that buck-fifty until it makes a part of the cost of a really outstanding Philly. Maybe I should think of that before I get to the counter.

I might be a little old to start thinking about self-discipline and delayed gratification, but hey, are you ever too old to learn a basic skill, especially one that is so closely linked with human happiness?

I didn't write that article, either. But when I read it, I knew it was true. Just maybe, it's time for some soul spring-cleaning.

And a Tesla. Because it's always time for that.

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