Do you need some distraction ??? THE cinema is a good option

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Hello my dear friends!!!

I hope you are having a beautiful start to the week, personally mine was something particular since today I had one of the most traumatic evaluations that a medical student can have. But good everything remains as an experience, that perhaps today is not so beautiful but as time passes it will become a nice memory and I will surely laugh a lot of this day.

As expected, I find myself quite tired after spending the whole weekend studying for today. So I keep thinking, I need a little distraction. Because if we force our mind a lot in a single activity it will only reflect a great exhaustion and even rejection by this activity. Then I began to think about what I can do, that it distracts me and I like it a lot. And really ... "THE CINEMA ... does not come out of my head". It's one of my favorite distractions and to be honest, I have a long time without going. Reasons there are many. Beginning with the high cost that cinema currently has in my country and ending with the little time left by the guards in the hospital.

This is not fair because we all deserve some distraction and cinema is one of the favorite distractions worldwide. I hope soon to be able to return to the cinema to enjoy an excellent movie. I REALLY NEED IT ...

Well friends here I leave you a couple of pictures of the last time I went to the movies (they are already a valuable memory for me). I hope you like them, and if you can have the opportunity to go to the movies to get a little distracted and enjoy a good movie, do not lose it ...

Because many times we have opportunities to do what we like, and without valid reasons, we let them go, and then we want to have this opportunity again. But it becomes difficult to obtain ...




Well friends I hope you liked it, I am grateful to you for visiting my blog.



i love movies too! these days i just watch from my own pc because there's too many people that make noises and they're a HUGE distraction! 😆