(An original story) Stories Mrs. Rose. The first story: a Little Happiness

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                                       **Stories Mrs. Rose.**

                               The first story: a Little Happiness

Beautiful sunny morning in a small town. So happy it was only for Christmas and now it was brought to visit grandchildren. 13 years old Lucy and 10 years old Mike became her second youth.
The house is filled with children's laughter again, noisy games and of course the smell of grandma's baking.
In the courtyard of a noise, screeching - probably again Mike jokes over her sister. This turmoil has already moved into the kitchen and heard the ringing cry of Lucy:

  • Grandma, Grandma, look !!!
  • Yes, dear, what is it?

In the hands of the girls was a little fluffy ball, pressed ears and frightened eyes looked a little handprints.

  • What is it good, some small kitten !! - The girl did not stop be moved.
  • Ugh, it's dirty - Mike grimaced - Bring it back to the street where taken.
  • No, Grandma, let's leave it - in front of the girls had tears - How do we throw him, he's small and defenseless !!!
  • Ofcourse honey! This is a great good - to help those who are weaker than us! And someday even a little ahead can save a life!
  • Like this? - Mike walked over to his sister, and reached for the kitten - it can save ?!
  • Well, then wash your hands, sit down and listen - Rose set the table prepared Pancake and raspberry jam, picked up the kitten and began its history ...

"... This story happened to my friend. We then had 18 years. This is a time of desperation, initiatives, training and of course first love. And we were no exception. Her love overtook cool evening at the meeting classmates. As befits a beautiful story: Their eyes met and the more they did not leave ...!
One morning she went out for a jog. Near the mailbox beside the road, sat a puppy. A small, trembling creature. These two buttons eyes pleading for help. She wrapped him in his jacket and brought it into the house. In order then settled in her home a Little Happiness, another name and could not be. A new friend woke in the morning for a jog, accompanied to school, spoiled shoes and new newspapers, accompanied on the evening rendezvous with her beloved and faithful waited for the house by the window. It was just a necessity - returning home, to see your favorite eyes in the window - a furry devoted friend.

It is a frightening thought, that she could not find it, and how many people have passed by as cruel hearts stepped over a dying animal .. but these thoughts are fading away as soon as she opened the door and saw her Little Happiness.

As time went on. Approaching wedding. She just could not believe his luck. But there are also sad love story. Once they strongly quarreled, he packed his bags and left ... .navsegda. First love has no reflection and awareness - she seemed to collapse their fairy-tale world and it is with this world, too. She ran to the bridge, it was decided - she did not want to live without him.

Leaning over the water, she saw his reflection and thought of the Little Happiness that now, as always, standing at the window, waiting only friend ...

What will happen to him? Again the street? Again hunger? Again betrayal of the people ??? No!! Fearfully she jumped from the railing. She did not betray a loyal friend.

She went home, stopped in front of the house, as usual, her joyful eyes met her pet. Joyful bark, the dog ran to the door, hiding from the eyes of the blind. The tears flowed down her cheeks, opened the door she pressed it to his chest, he had just saved her life ... "

Mike has not eaten. In the children's tears flowed down her cheeks.

  • Grandma, I realized rescuing someone, we are saving a little and myself !!!

Rose smiled and they all went together to bathe the kitten.

And Mike was and repeated - it is now our Little Happiness !!!

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