Fatal Curiosity

in writing •  3 years ago 

I was born in a poor family in our small town. There I got a crappy education in high school. On college I never dreamed of. For a long time I am looking for a job. My Dad using some links through third parties was able to get me a gardener (I am well versed in plants) to our local rich man. Its all know in our wilderness. It is many years ago was involved in some scam left, I went somewhere out of town, somewhere with someone fought. All of us know the story. But now is not about that.

This guy has a nephew. About his parents, I have not heard anything, so he always hangs out at the rich man's house. They have a good relationship. But the problem is that the nephew of a real asshole. Hysterical, greedy and selfish spoiled. We spoke with him like normal. But in my heart I could not stand it.

So, once I have the usual evening trimmed bushes under the window. A low house, the windows are low, so that all can see what is happening inside. (On the day of his rich uncle he celebrated its anniversary and disappeared somewhere.) I once worked, and nephew overheard a conversation of a man still. It was interesting and I spied on them, began to listen. They were standing in the living room. This small rake, and nearby there is a hefty man rising two meters, with a very long beard. The conversation came to an end, the bearded man said something about the fact that they will soon come after him and he had to hurry to blame.

Well, I'm glad that get rid of this bastard. But then the big man saw me, ran over to the window and threw me inside. He asked me: "What have you heard, who is?". I tell him that I'm just a gardener and I did not tell anyone, bricks piled half a ton. He and I did not listen, said I would have to blame with this moron, so I helped him in everything. In short, all reached the point that I'm going with this jerk, big, two more by some peasants, by a fag in his trousers, Shorty and with two of our friends. We must throw some fucking ring (from which they all wild jitters) in the lava of some moronic mountains.

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