Always Yielding to Life 永远向生活低头

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1.No matter how ambitious your ideals are, you cannot feed yourself with them. If the problem of enough food and clothing can not be solved, it is meaningless talking about ideals and future. If poverty is very near and ideal is far away, then you should set aside your ideals and solve the problem of poverty first. As long as the green hills are there, one need not worry about firewood. These green hills are capitals, lives, and in the final analysis life. With life, then a spark can start a prairie fire.

In order to make a living, one should put aside the vanity, abandon all unrealistic things. He should be down-to-earth, slowly getting out of the plight, which requires patience and needs to yield to life.

Maslow's Theory of Needs divides needs into five categories: physiological needs, security needs, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization, which are arranged from lower to higher levels.

Popularly, if one lacks food, safety, love and respect at the same time, the demand for food is usually the strongest and other needs become less important. At this point, human consciousness is almost entirely occupied by hunger, and all energy is used to get food. In this extreme case, the whole meaning of life is to find food. Only when people are liberated from the control of their physical needs can there be more advanced and socialized ones such as security needs.

2.To yield to life does not mean there is little one can do. One should get down working hard silently, to face and change the life, instead of shirking and fleeing from it.

Otherwise, you will probably become an impractical eccentric person like Kong Yiji.

Several years ago, I came across an article about a farmer who wanted to be a poet. He spent all his money, which was used for fertilizers, on poetry collections. He didn't do farm work, not caring for his wife and children, and spent the whole day writing poems in the house. Under the unrealistic fantasies was lying heartbreaking living difficultiesy. But he was still bragging. Finally, his wife had remarried, and he was still the man who was out of touch with reality, determined not to yield to life.

3.Xiao Wang, who was determined to be a graduate student in the Philosophy Department of Shandong University, was from a poor family. He chose to go out to work and solve the problem of food first. During the rest time on a construction site, he took out his books and began to read, without forgetting his ideal. Sometimes, he even went to the campus cafeteria of Shandong University to pick up leftovers. In the end, Xiao Wang was admitted to Shandong University.

Life is beautiful and cruel. Nothing can be divorced from the reality of life. Those who can't change their lives are eventually abandoned by life and become an eccentric wandering on the edge of life.

Always bowing to life, but I want to grab life by the throat, for it cannot make me yield.





马斯洛理论把需求分成生理需求(Physiological needs)、安全需求(Safety needs)、爱和归属感(Love and belonging)、尊重(Esteem)和自我实现(Self-actualization)五类,依次由较低层次到较高层次排列。通俗地讲:假如一个人同时缺乏食物、安全、爱和尊重,通常对食物的需求量是最强烈的,其它需要则显得不那么重要。此时人的意识几乎全被饥饿所占据,所有能量都被用来获取食物。在这种极端情况下,人生的全部意义就是吃,其它什么都不重要。只有当人从生理需要的控制下解放出来时,才可能出现更高级的、社会化程度更高的需要如安全需要。







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