💰 Is Life About Making an Income or Impact?

in #writing3 years ago (edited)

What is the Purpose of Life?

The morning sun gently weaved its brilliant golden rays through the white, fluffy clouds. The birds chirped melodiously, high up in the branches. The pleasant scent of morning dew and pine had a cool, calming sensation. It begged the question. Impact? Income?


'Impact, my son, impact.' My father insisted


Every day after school this week, I’ve been asking myself the same question. What did those words mean to me? Did they mean anything? My whole life it’d been told the importance of getting into a good university. A good university would guarantee me a good job. A good job would guarantee me a six-figure salary.

That's what I'd been told.

But now that it was the time to choose my degree… I was not ready for this. I believe for each and every student, there will always be one perfect job for them. And it may not be your first choice that leads you to that career. But the thought of having to go through the pain and suffering experienced by so many made me quiver with fear.


I pushed through the eyestrain and continued my research on the best degree for me. The idea of student debt crept into my mind, and I wondered whether the university was even worthwhile. ‘Don’t be silly, my son, in this day and age university is even more important than ever before!’.


‘Bankers do nothing but get everything. Engineers do everything but get nothing. Take your pick.’


My father always told me to go with your gut instinct. Nine times out of ten it was the best choice.

‘Dad! Dad, can we talk?’ I exclaim as my pupils dilate with excitement. Dad reaches for the television remote and lowers the volume.

‘Sure Zander, what do you want to talk about?’

‘It’s about my career path.'


'Dad, I’ve decided I want to be a banker.’


Without income, you can't make any impact. You have to earn income legally to make an impact that you can earn and make impact both otherwise you are not a successful person.

Awesome to hear your opinion on this! It's a dilemma, but why not try and do both! It's not just one or the other!

Like @asifmughal said I don't think you can't really make an impact without income or wealth at least. Also I feel like that's one of those age old questions we wouldn't really be able to answer until we're older and wiser, specially if we don't yet have our own families or people that depend on us.

I agree with you. It's not mutually exclusive, you don't have to pick! It's possible to make a huge impact, and earn lots of money! It's important to find the balance :) Thanks for your input, Ange!

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