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RE: CateredContent Updates - More Than a Bounty - October 15th 2018

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I wanted to enter a competition on your site @cateredcontent but I can't seem to register an account. Nothing happens when i register ive tried in multiple browsers and with different email addresses no difference


Is it possible you already have an account?

Try resetting password instead!

Thanks for the reply I have checked by trying to reset account on both email addresses and still no password update email on either addresses and even checked my spam folders

Registration seems to work fine. New users have been continuing to register. Is there some sort of maybe adblocker or some other application that is preventing registration? Also, feel free to fill out a contact form on the website or give me more information here about what account name you were registering for. If you fill out a contact form we could register an account on your behalf and send you a password, and then you could reset it as well. That would be worst case scenario, it is much better if we figure out what is causing the issue and resolve it.

Hi @cateredcontent thanks for all the suggestions I finally got my account registered and added my submission. Appreciate all your help

I still havent gotten my reward from the
BUMO payout

Steemit username is

My article