The missing gold

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This is my submission for the St. Patrick's day writing contest 4 by @goodguygreg. Hope you like it. Here goes.

The leprechaun suddenly realised his gold was missing.
"Oh no!" He cried. "Who could have done this terrible deed?" He sat down on the floor of his cave crying bitterly. "How do i recover my lost gold? How do i catch this wicked thief?"

"Could it be that sneaky human child that almost tricked me into revealing my cave? Could he have followed me without my knowledge yesterday? Or could it be that mischievious goblin that goes about stealing from others?"

A thought struck him and he smiled rubbing his hands together with glee. He had a plan!

The next day, he went to town as he did twice a week. He went first to the baker's shop. He walked into the shop whistling merrily.

"What has gotten into you?" said the baker.

"Oh, something wonderful has happened! I got a lot of gold yesterday evening. It was a lucky find. It is nothing compared to what i had before."

"Where is this gold then?" asked the baker.

"Where else would it be but in my cave where i hid it? I am the luckiest leprechaun in the world and the richest too!" Still whistling merrily, he bought some cookies and left the shop.

He knew the baker was a great gossip. The news would be all over the town by noon. Sure enough, he saw the baker leave his shop and head out to town.

"Hahahaha" he laughed. "My plan is working well." He hurried home and hid amidst the bushes to spy on the thief.

He waited all afternoon nibbling on the cookies he bought from the baker. He was beginning to get tired of waiting when he heard footsteps coming in his direction. He was immediately alert peering out of the bush.

It was the goblin! He came creeping along, looking over his shoulder and listening to every sound. Satisfied no one was coming, he entered the cave and went directly to where the leprechaun hides his gold.

Suddenly, he heard a sound! The leprechaun was behind him with his hands folded. The thief has been caught red handed!

He tried to run away but the leprechaun caught him and lifted him by his collar and hanged him directly over the fireplace.

"Please don't hurt me," cried the goblin. "I will tell you where your gold is and give you more gold. Please don't tell anyone."

But the leprechaun was only interested in his gold. He got it back soon enough and promptly found a new hiding place for it.

"I am such a clever chap" he thought, smiling happily to himself that evening. "I got my gold back!"


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed my story.


I definitely enjoyed reading it. Keep your pen bleeding dear!

Thanks dear

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