Shary's Writing Prompt Contest #4 - The dilemma

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"If you fail this task, know your life is over. We would be watching you". This statement kept ringing in her head.

"How on earth did i allow myself get into this mess?" thought Rose.

"I am caught between the devil and the blue sea. Complying means going against everything i stand for, revolting against this order would be like pulling the trigger to the gun held against my head. What do i do?"

"If there really is a God up there, i beg you for strength to do the right thing."

Rose got dressed. She took extra care with her won't do to look shabby. Her makeup was minimal but judging by the admiring glances she got on stepping out of her apartment, she knew she looked good.

She got a window seat on the bus. The guy next to her thought her rude since she didn't respond to his attempts to chat. Her mind was in turmoil, going over possible escape from the situation.

A few weeks ago, she had been a happy young woman with a good job until her irresponsible brother had shown up on her doorstep after five years of absence.

He was on the run, he told her. He was in great debt and needed her help. She was angry at first but he was still family, her only family.

She screamed when he told her how much he owed. He begged her to help him out of the country. She gave him all her life savings and helped him out of the country.

She got the shock of her life when strange men broke into her apartment a few days later. They beat her up when she could not tell the whereabouts of her brother. She was taken to the boss.

She asked for mercy when asked to pay back what her brother owed. After another round of beating, she was given an option.

"Perform three tasks and your debt is paid in full."

She gladly accepted only for her to get depressed on hearing the tasks.

The first two had not been easy but she had done them. This last one gave her nightmares...she had to kill a man!

He was expecting her, this stranger she didn't know from Adam. She who couldn't kill a fly, how was she supposed to do this? She shivered thinking of the consequences of her actions.

She gave her best smile and hugged him. She couldn't help thinking he smelt nice.

Dave had had his share of redheads but this one intrigued him...she was different. She held herself aloof as if she was above what she was doing. As if her heart wasn't in it. He felt drawn to her and proceeded to charm a genuine smile out of her.

"He really is charming and nice", thought poor Rose, feeling more guilty. He excused himself and at last she got her chance!

With shaky hands, she poured the poison into his glass of scotch. She had barely settled down before he came back.

She burst into tears when he lifted the glass to his lips. She begged him not to drink and proceeded to confess.

The police couldn't find the criminals at their hideout but luck ran out on them a week later when they tried to kill Rose. They were arrested and justice was meted out.

And Rose...she is happy and free again, she got something sweet out of her ordeal, a love enduring forever, sweet kind Dave...her beloved husband and adorable twin boys.

She couldn't help thinking, sometimes life takes a surprising twist and it is not all that bad. A sudden dark cloud in her perfect sky brought something!

This story is my submission for shary's writing prompt contest #4 by @sharoonyasir
I hope you enjoyed reading.


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I definitely enjoyed reading this piece, and I hope you win dear

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