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in writing •  7 months ago

Another day of attempting to study. So another day of procrastinating thoughts.

Again Steemit is practically the only website I haven’t banned myself from in some crazy attempt at self-discipline, and funnily enough here I am again. Perhaps it’s not such a bad thing though, I mean there is a lot more value to be made from me spending my time here than on YouTube or Facebook.

However, I was sitting on the various feeds trying to look at new stuff to read or even the trending or hot stuff to read and I couldn’t help think to myself there is soooooo much terrible content on Steemit. 95% of the articles are completely non thought provoking, aren’t educating and to be honest add completely no value to the platform. I’m not at all suggesting that my content right now is A+ grade and any better, but I at least feel like there is some sort of purpose to it, putting my daily thoughts to paper. I mean there is literally a mountain of posts just for the sake of posting, with absolutely no purpose and to be honest it’s impossible to wade through the volumes of crap.

And the shame about it all is, I’m sure there is some really good and interesting content being put out there by some really talented people, but it will never get recognised. If it isn’t by some absolute miracle up voted by a whale, then within 20 minutes it will float off into the abyss, overtaken by waves of rubbish being posted. It’s unfortunate, because I feel as though its severely demotivating, and although there is so much value to be gained from this platform, the platform at the moment seems to be recognising and rewarding some absolutely rubbish content.

The irony of it all is, I don’t even know why I’m bothering to write this article, because this is just another article that after 20 minutes’ no one will ever see again. I guess it’s just me ranting to myself.

Anyway, there is my daily procrastination. Hopefully some food for thought. If anyone actually sees it.

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"..wade through the volumes of crap." My favorite phrase/sentence in this post. lol Well said.

I think it's best to find a group of people who use the platform locally. Then focus on your feed rather than what is trending, new, hot or promoted.
You can upvote the best stuff, etc. and they can see you interacting.

It can take a while to improve your reputation though. I do know some dolphins and an orca who have been using the platform for a few years (and I think that's what it takes- time).