¡The emergency!

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Emergencies are part of the process ... in the past we tried to avoid them before they occurred; and that was our mistake ... that's why we failed. Problems and surprises are inevitable and essential, we must overcome them; each one has a purpose; and they always have something inside...


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Once I met a small family who worked in a high school canteen, consisting only of mom and son, always striving to be early; very morning, to have the food ready and leave the business in optimal conditions for the treatment they were going to have all day with the children.

Thus they worked for many years; until one day the fall of the country's economy came. They were forced to work twice as much as they did before, since the suppliers could not reach the area where they operated as a canteen. Among the many things they had to do, was to go out every afternoon; after work, compare the foods that they were going to use the other day in the canteen. They had to walk far to buy these foods since public transport did not pass regularly along the tracks, to the point of having to lower production and only sell some food products.

The situation in the country worsened; and it seemed that his luck was going from bad to worse. They had, mother and son, go out to get each one on their side an extra job that would help them bring food to their home, since the son had now become a father. Hoping to have a break for being Christmas, so to move forward and reach another step, the inevitable happens, the unexpected, an emergency happens.

Some thieves penetrate the facilities of the lyceum trying to take away the most valuable that their greed impel them to obtain. Without being lazy or lazy they begin to remove the door of the canteen, dismantling and looting the site, leaving only the walls which can not be removed. Discovered by the police, they flee the site with some things in their hands; but most of the freezer and utensils for the maintenance and preparation of the food, had been removed and taken to a place unknown to everyone.

When the mother arrives at the site and sees that her business had been robbed ... - she would not have words that would express the pain and the tears of that lady-. Without having much more than their part-time job, they had to keep fighting for the rest of the school year; without anything inside the deteriorated canteen. This was the source of their income for a long time, and to see it made piece every day, was embittering the heart of this family. Already the son made father did not have only one girl, but another creature came to the world and things did not look good.

As the title says, "Emergencies are part of a process", and you have to live them to know where they take us. As I know you want to finish reading the story I'll make it a little shorter.

The young dad got a job with a cousin of his wife, who needed more effort and time, had to leave the mother working alone in the canteen to dedicate herself to that job. After the school year, the poor mother had changed her face, she was no longer sweet and cheerful; but reserved and strong, their conversations also changed; and they always became complaints and laments.

They left the lyceum at the end of the school year, and I did not know anything about them until recently ...

The son who became a father, had undertaken very well in his new job, so well; who told his mother; she stopped working and devoted herself to taking care of her granddaughters; because he was going to keep her, and all her house.

The young man is robust like his two daughters, his mother has regained the splendor of his face and was again the same lady before ... All this happened, because God in his omniscience, he knew that they could not live much longer time of what the bar offered him, and hard to make the decision to leave it for emotional reasons, had to send a misfortune to get them out of there. With this do I make God bad? in no way, like every father, should he guide his children on the right path, and many times correction is necessary to lead the children on the right path.

God allowed this little family to live these things to get them out of where they were; and take them to another better place, only at the time of the test we do not see beyond what our eyes allow us to see and what our mind allows us to think.

I leave this passage of the scriptures:

"Now we know that God arranges all things for the good of those who love him, those who have been called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Any question that you present, do not hesitate to comment and I will be able to help you.

Bye Bye!


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