It is there, but what is it?

in writing •  last year

It was there in the distance
My hand above my eyes I couldn't see

A shake of my head
Is it something audible
I listen but I'm not sure I hear

A glimmer of worry tastes of fear
Is it simply something in my head
I ponder, but that something alien is somewhere

My brow creases as a thought plays me
Am I dreaming, can that explain it
I pinch myself, I stare at my hands and nothing changes

I walk towards a mirror a thought's deep divine
Is this a mental break, or a simple disorder
The reflection in the mirror shows me naught I am missing

I stop to really think about the presence I sense
How is it that I sense it when I can't see it, hear it, or think it
I certainly am not tasting, touching or smelling it, so how do I know it is there?

I can see the fingerprints and tracks of its presence
The changes in the air, the changes in the minds
It is not just in me, it is in many of those about me

I focus on one track, as that might show this thing unseen
The message no longer matters, true or false
Instead they shoot the messenger whether they have spoken only the truth or not

In a world where the crime no longer matters
And instead what matters is who reported it
Then justice is dead before it even breathes

In a world where racism was at one time bad
We seemed to be making progress to bringing it to an end
Then it was elevated and simply targeted from one color to another

We at one time awarded people for doing a good job, expressing skills, and for their character
Today the concern is more focused on artificial diversity
Meritocracy is dying on the same tree as justice

I can't tell you why.
I can't tell myself why.
I can only tell you of the tracks of the beast

It is the thing that is degrading and corrupting our minds
It's vile tracks linger in minds beyond simply mine
Yet as we would seek the cure for a virus we can't see so too must we do here

Gird your mind and resist the dark touch
In a world pushing for self driving cars
We must not allow it to take over driving our minds

Make up your own mind.

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