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Every one of us comes across in the storm of life. But we have overcome it because we have special someone deep in our heart, that keeps on shining no matter how dark the road we may take.... Who is your LIGHTHOUSE?




Sailing on the vast and wide ocean floor

Looking for direction to come to your door

Carried by the current towards the opposite pole

Wishing I'll be washout by the waves to your shore.  


Storm's come to crush my sailboat into small pieces

Killin' every ounce of my hope that i have in my senses

Running out of breath in the space of endlessness

Can somebody save me 'cause I'm drown to nothingness .


Mayday... mayday... my heart shout out...!

Waiting for a whistle to make a time out!

Lost in sight seems on the room where black out

In this dark and cold zone, who can take me out?!

Would this be the end? or would i say goodbye?!

Please Moby dick tell me that this is just a lie

Pegasus fly down and give me ride to the sky?

Cause i want to be in her arms embrace with a smile...

Now on the mountain of waves i been on the top

At its tallest pick i was suddenly struck

Not by height on how high i might  fall

But because of beaming light that answers my call...


Lighthouse ignites the hope within me

Numbing senses now start to revive completely

Even that little light roaming in the open sea

It bring a giant flame more than enough to guide my way...

Thank you for the light that reminds me not to give up

That even when i'm drowning i fight to climb to the top

Cause i know you are waiting and believe that i would rise up

Bright light will show after the storm will end up.... 

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