Do you ever wonder?

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Why certain people cross your path in your life?

I know there’s random people, even strangers, you can remember from a decade ago that said or did something that has stuck with you.

My husband and I talk about that from time to time. Something funny someone said. Something kind someone did. Or something not so kind someone did.

I often meet random people or have random chats with strangers. Sometimes it’s super cool and other times it’s quite odd.

Recently I had met 2 homeless men on the beachside. One lived underneath a boardwalk. Happy as can be. I would bring him some canned items and blankets to help him out a bit, check on him.
He has recently disappeared & I can’t help but worry a bit about him. Nothing I can do, but it just strikes me funny that someone I really don’t know has impacted my mind & thoughts. That I could worry about someone that isn’t my family.

And so the thought of why did this person cross my path in life. If I hadn’t been talking to the other homeless man, he wouldn’t have introduced me to the young man who lived under the boardwalk.

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Seems to me you have a big hearth!


Aw thank you. I enjoy helping others when I can 💞

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