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RE: Fantasy Book Reviews and Recommendations

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Bless you - you convey enough to make me want to read a book, without taking pages of words to convince me. I tend to write long reviews, filled with excerpts, and sermonizing or pontificating or rambling about why I love the lines so much.

Talking about books is almost as essential to me as reading them.

And yet I live in a desert, with almost nobody reading the same books I love, nobody to joing a Ken Lizzi fan club, or Libby McGugan, or... well, here at Steemit, I should find plenty of like-minded souls who appreciate novels like @rhondak's High Kill, but where on goodreads and amazon can we find these fan clubs. For that matter, where on Steemit can I find discussions of High Kill....?


There are so many books, so many types of readership. Sometimes it can be hard to find people with the same tastes, for sure. At least we can connect with other book lovers, though, even if the books we read aren't the same. But it is nice to find those who read the same books so you can get all excited about them together. :)

Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

You're most welcome. I've been reading about Dragon Riders, yoga, power, potential, and - yes, I've been on a mission all my life to tap into the magic, see fairies in the morning dew, help good triumph over evil, and ride a dragon... your imagination and positive outlook are extraordinary! I married into Catholicsm, after spending my teenage years as an agnostic, and now I'm adrift again, and yes, I'm reading Dragon Riders. :)

YAY! That's wonderful! I hope you find some inspiration there. I'm convinced we all have different paths, but it's nice to find wisdom where we can and weave into your own tapestry the parts that call to you.

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