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Thank you for welcoming into your awesome community! Allow me to tell you a little about me:

My name is Caroline Reichard, and I live in the great state of Virginia--the home of Dogwoods, Cardinals, and Fox Hounds (among other things).

I have varied interests: American history, ancient history, strange science, genealogy, ancient writings, mythology, fantastical creatures, unsolved mysteries, the endless universe, the bottomless oceans, etc. (you get the idea).

I am an author of children's books (MG and YA), and I have recently begun illustrating them myself. My first book is entitled, Between Shadow's Ears (the first book in the Tarradiddles of the King series), and can be found at Amazon.

I'm in the process of illustrating my second book entitled, The Top Hat Contest of Rosedragon Grove, which should be out in a couple of months. I have included my advertisement for this book below.

Also in the works is a young adult book entitled, Guardians of the Clay. This is a fantasy novel about the spiritual world, and I am having a blast writing it!

I graduated from Randolph Macon in 2002 with a BA in English (Creative Writing), and since that time I have been writing poetry and short stories, and more recently, novels.

I have worked as a Commercial Artist, an Editor, and a Writer for much of my life, so putting those interests together seemed logical to me (we will see how that plan pans out).

I will be sharing my poetry, excerpts from my writings, tips on writing, and other items. I hope you will find them interesting! Again thanks for reading my ramblings! 😁😁😁



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Thank you! 😀

Welcome, welcome, it's a fun bunch of people.


Thanks! It seems like fun!