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So I've been pretty busy the last few weeks with school and stuff, but tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US and I'll have the rest of the week free of school and work. I've been really slacking lately on my writing and I figured I'd do some writing over this longer weekend. But I know promises are cheap, and I need some sort of accountability to actually get something done, so I decided (spur of the moment at 2:00 AM) to do this:

If you're one of my followers, or just stumbled across my blog, drop a one word prompt in the comments below and I'll try to will write a short story based off of it over the weekend.

I'll schedule all the stories I do to be published over the next few weeks, and my blog can try out living again. Looking forward to your prompts!

@linnyplant, you wanted me to write something, so I expect a prompt from you ;)

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If you're one of my followers (or wanna become one), drop a one word prompt in the comments below

I could be wrong, carn, but I’m certain people don’t need to give you a prompt to become your follower. They can just hit the follow button and follow you. 😛

My one word prompt is:


lol, I wasn't sure how to phrase that :P It was 2 A.M. at the time too, so give me some slack. I'll try rewrite that now, at 4:36 A.M. (with still no sleep).

And thanks for the prompt :D This should be fun!


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Is it thanksgiving already? Wow, I feel out of touch with the States sometimes.

Prompt: Madness

But sir, if your promises are cheap - mayhaps I can pick them up and invest and maybe those promises will go to the moon! You'll do well good sir, especially if your writing is a passion and not work. Have a lovely Thanksgiving and be safe. Cheers

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About everything is cheap rn 😆

You forgot to invest with a prompt though...


My prompt is:


Edited comment, much better now. Silly resource credits preventing me from fixing my mistakes XD

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Yeah, I reported that to Partiko. Pretty annoying :P