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Keep your heels, head and standards high, Suit up.

I once dreamed about myself wearing a formal suit, seeing gorgeous gowns and dancing with special someones. Hearing the word 'Prom' was one of the words that made me curious about. Then, I found out that it is an event held in the last year of highschool. That was when I was in elementary days.



Here in Philippines, We call ourselves the 'juniors' grade 9 and 10 and the grade 11 & 12 is considered the 'seniors'. Well, it is all because of the K-12 program which is I planned to make a blog about it soon. As a grade 10 highschool student, my highschool wouldn't be perfect without JS Prom. Gladly, our school decided to have JS Prom.

Before sharing my own experience, I want to share something about JS Prom.

What is JS Prom



A promenade dance, most commonly called a prom, is a semi-formal dance or gathering of high school students. This event is typically held near the end of the senior year. Proms figure greatly in popular culture and are major events among high school students. High school juniors attending the prom may call it "junior prom" while high-school seniors may call it "senior prom". In practice, this event may be a combined junior/senior dance.

At a prom, a Prom King and Prom Queen may be revealed. These are honorary titles awarded to students elected in a school-wide vote prior to the prom, and seniors are usually awarded these titles. Other students may be honored with inclusion in a "Prom Court." The selection method for a Prom Court is similar to that of Homecoming Queen/Princess, King, and Court. Inclusion in a Prom Court may be a reflection of popularity of those students elected and their level of participation in school activities, such as clubs or sports.The Prom Queen and Prom King may be given crowns to wear. Members of the Prom Court may be given sashes to wear and photographed together.


In the early days of high school proms, the night time dance served a function similar to a debutante ball. Early proms were times of firsts: the first adult social event for teenagers; the first time taking the family car out after dark; the first real dress-up affair; and so forth. Proms also served as a heavily-documented occasion, similar to a milestone event such as first communion or a wedding, in which the participants were taking an important step into a new stage in their lives. In earlier days, the prom may have also served as an announcement of engagement for the “best couple” after the prom court had been crowned and recognized.


Usage of the term “prom” is becoming more common and appears to be a colloquial and regional practice. Formal English usage suggests "Prom" is a noun and should be preceded by an article although it often is not in practice.



"Prom" is a shortened version of promenade.


Boys usually dress in black or white formal wear, regardless of the time of the event, sometimes paired with ties or bow ties with vests, in some cases in colors matching their date’s dress. Most are rented from stores that specialize in formal wear rentals.

Girls wear traditional ladies' dresses or evening gowns and adorn themselves with ladies’ jewelry such as earrings and a necklace. Traditionally girls wear perfume, and make-up such as eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. Girls also wear a corsage, given to them by their dates, and girls give boys matching boutonnières to be worn on their lapels. Some couples want to match their dates dress color to their tie or suit. Some fashion houses within the industry have a special focus in the prom and evening wear sector.

Logistics and Traditions

Prom attendees may be limited by their schools to be juniors or seniors and guests under age 21. Before prom, girls typically get their hair styled, often in groups as a social activity at a salon. Prom couples then gather at a park, garden, or their own and their dates’ houses for single and/or group photographs. Prom attendees may rent limousines or party buses to transport groups of friends from their homes to the prom venue: a banquet hall or school gymnasium. Some schools host their proms at hotel ballrooms or other venues where weddings typically take place.

Why is it important to attend JS Prom

Life right now is expensive and the preparation for the event is not that easy.

  • JS PROM is indeed very important for the students to try and experience. JS Prom is a time for students to learn on how to converse and mingle with people they are acquainted with and the strangers to them in a very formal occasion. Every student should join and experience JS prom for them to know the exact and proper table etiquettes and to heighten up their social skills and knowledge.

  • JS Prom would also allow the students to carry themselves with class and confidence. It also provides them the chance of enjoying the night as they dance and groove on the dance floor with their friends. Aside from the joy, fun and camaraderie, the event marks the “coming of age” of the students as they step into “young adulthood” with its responsibilities and become ladies and gentlemen. It is also a special occasion for the grade 9 students to salute the achievements of the 4th years, while the 4th years students bequeath and hand down the mantle of leadership to the juniors.

  • JS wouldn’t be possible without the effort of a special team of students, teachers, parents, and the different committees collaborating closely to ensure a truly memorable affair for the students.

Social Benefits



A junior-senior prom is an ideal way to help upperclassmen practice their social skills outside the classroom. They must think through social nuances associated with inviting a partner to the dance or make plans with friends to attend as a group. Students often learn how to make dinner reservations, purchase and get sized for formal wear and organize transportation for the night. Some might buy a corsage or boutonniere for their date. Juniors and seniors practice formal dining etiquette at restaurants and learn how to budget their finances for such a big, expensive event.

Responsibility Perks



School administrators who limit prom to juniors and seniors don't have to worry about younger, more immature students messing up the special night. Prom is a fun, yet serious, rite of passage, and administrators and upperclassmen don't want freshmen and sophomores playing pranks, causing trouble or getting into mischief. Even though juniors and seniors can get in trouble too, they might be more likely to respect the dance, desiring to get the most out of this once or twice in a lifetime event.

Safety Advantages



There are safety advantages to limiting prom to juniors and seniors only. Administrators, teachers and chaperones have two grades to supervise and oversee, rather than four. The reduced attendance makes it easier for parents and administrators to monitor after-prom activities, such as students renting motel rooms, drinking alcohol, taking drugs or driving recklessly. Some juniors and seniors may have college plans and won't want to risk irresponsible behavior that could jeopardize their graduation plans and future goals.

Rite of Passage Rewards



A benefit to hosting a junior-senior prom is the personal satisfaction students get, knowing that the dance is a reward for their hard work and school attendance over the past three to four years. Prom gives students a chance to celebrate their high school achievements and socialize with their friends in a formal setting. Students typically vote on a prom queen and king, so they get to experience a democratic election firsthand. They dress up, fix their hair, put on accessories and practice dance moves as a part of this special rite of passage. Some students borrow their parents' cars or rent limousines for the occasion, experiencing a greater sense of freedom and independence.

Now that you're done reading. Lets proceed to my JS Prom.


Last friday, we held our JS Prom at Allure Hotel. Grade 9 to 12 were invited. Let me share before, present and after the JS Prom program.

  • Color Code:

Grade 9 - Blue


Grade 10 - Red


Grade 11 & 12 - Gold


  • Preparation:


I went many boutiques to find a suit to wear. Atlast, I found the perfect suit for me at Kolosas Boutique located at 179, Soco Building, N. Bacalso St Avenue, Cebu City. A maroon-colored suit with red bow tie was perfect.

  • The Processional

We started the program by walking with our assigned partners in a red carpet. We were alphabetically assigned. The teachers and staffs were the first one who walked in the red carpet. Then, followed by us.

  • The Class History of Grade 10


Our classmate Jasmine was the assigned student to write the class history. She made a video about our past moments and gave a speech about our changes through years.

  • Class Prophecy


Oud classmate Abighail was tge assigned student to write the class prophecy. She stated there how we change 10 years by now.

  • Dance Number

We were divided into two grouos to dance. The boys of grade 10 and the girls of grade 9 and 11 were the first group. The girls of grade 10 and thd boys of grade 9 , 11 and 12 were the second group.


My group danced 'Can I have this dance' by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens from Highschool musical.


The other group danced an instrumental 'I wont give up and Locked away'.

  • Free Dance

Since I dont have someone to dance with. I have my friends that I enjoyed dancing with.


(I'll introduce them soon)

  • After party


After the party, we went to Family KTV to have fun. Singing and talking with friends is fun.

After the after party, Knocked Out! (Snoring)

That JS Prom was a great experience in my highschool life. I was very happy that I had the chance to fulfill my dream I once dreaming of when I was an elementary student.


As you can see, an Abstract painting is at my back.

It was emotional, knowing that the class will end few weeks from now. That's why we seized our moment in that night.

So have you learn something? Do you like my suit? Well, comments will be appreciated.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed the blog.

Bring on the night!




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