Uninvited guests

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the door is not locked. I easily opened it and found the girl sitting in her arms around the corner of a dark, musty room. I groped for the wall looking for a light switch.
"Do not turn on the lights," Meva said without looking back at me. his sob sounded softly in this empty space.

"Why?" I replied. My finger is stuck in the switch.
Meva shook her head. his face was still buried in his knee.
"Somebody wants to tell you something? At least telling a little story with someone else is better than being kept alone," I said wisely.
"not your business."

"heh, lo think if there is someone who stupidly tried to kill myself in front of your eyes, it's not your business .. hmm .. maybe better yesterday I let you die dumb in the toilet." I said fiercely.
I purposely said so to provoke his emotions. if a normal person, I'm sure he'll screw me. but yaah maybe he is not normal times yaa? no reaction whatsoever from him. just sit and pause.
"come on guys..want until when the hell u mute gitu? aja story what is the problem lo, who knows I can help."

and as has happened before, this strange girl remains silent in her mute. I think I started to invite him to talk. I break out, close the door and sit under the window of the room. still with the guitar in hand, I started to sing.

if you think this is like the stories in india movie, lo wrong. because either I get the idea from where, I sing in a high-pitched voice and with a very alarming tone. and the result? it does not take a minute for Indra to open the bedroom door and throw the sandals right into my forehead without having time to dodge.

"a trance of ye ifrit lo ye ??" he cried.
I just shook my head with a grin wide.
"semprul lo!" he said and closed the door

and I continue my 'ritual'. strange indeed when we sing but we ourselves do not know what song is being sung. guitar key carelessly plus a discordant voice, complete 'suffering' those who heard it.
"want to when to sing like that ??" a voice was heard above my head.

I turned to the origin of the sound. Meva appeared from the window that the glass had not had time to plug it in again.
"not your business," I replied madly.
"lo already disturb the peace of others, lo said not my business ??"
I'm standing. put the guitar on the floor and talk.
"by singing at least I can pour out my feelings, it's better than the corner on a darker camera."

"nyimir ya?"
"sorry deh if lo feel satirical."
"why the hell do you really make people kesel?"
"baseball papa, I seneng aja, with so lo so want to talk to me?" I ended up with a big smile.
Meva was silent. I see her eyes puffed up for crying long enough.
"Let's go outside, we're chatting outside in a crowded room," I pulled her hand away.

"eh..eh ... I'm still in here!" he protested. "careless aja tugging people."
"oh, sorry I forgot," when I was on purpose.
Meva came out of her room and sat on the balcony wall. somehow this time I feel it again. feelings that six months ago I ever felt the first time I saw it. when I play the guitar and he sings in the middle of the night.
"Ari," I handed.
"You know my name," he said, ignoring my invitation to shake hands.
"ah yes ... I .. new inget," I swear an oath plus kesel. embarrassed as well. but I still try to keep the image.

"How long have you been?" I asked.
"how long is it?"
"ya .. how long is Mevally lo name?" it sounds really silly yak!
"a question that does not need to be answered," Meva said.
"want to drink?"
"thanks, do not you have a chat."
"so, what makes you cry often?"
"must ya..not directly to the point? there is no basics really."
hhhhhh ..... real kesel me same girl this one !!

"I admit, I'm not a clever person to make small talk, but I'm good at nicknames to people."
"he meant?" Meva frowned.
"since I met you first, I already have a nickname for you lo lo know because you do not know the name of lo, I love lo nickname 'woman socks black feet'." hahaha .. (laugh with bland)

"I'm wearing a white bandage now."
I noticed the two bandaged legs.
"if so the nickname of a woman with a white bandage?"
he smiled a little. wouw this is the first time I make him smile. the wish that had settled some time ago finally kesampean.
"Does your foot hurt?" I said.
"You want to cut your feet with a cutter knife, then you know how it feels."
I shook my head.
"Just imagine the horror I am," I commented.

"You never know how painful it feels before you loosen it yourself."
"oiya? but we will not be so sick if we want to share with people near us?"
Meva paused. for a moment he swings his legs. coming down from the wall and returning to his room left me alone.

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