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A friend feels his wife is getting increasingly selfish and abusive, therefore, they quarrel every day, so often arguing, this man has an affair.
Finally, they divorced and the husband remarried with his affair, the former istripun soon married again. They still have not been blessed with children. the new marriages both went very smoothly each other, but after marriage, the new wife of this man grew more and more softly faded, their household ended up the same as before, a little bit of a quarrel. His new wife does not even want to do homework.

Finally my friend was forced to clean his own house. He feels his fate is not good, why he always chooses a less good wife, every day he complained.
Until one day, at a dinner he happened to meet his new husband's ex-wife.
At first the two men did not say anything, but after they greeted each other they drank together.

Finally my friend could not help herself anymore and asked how their housekeeping was. Her ex-wife's new husband is not handsome, but very meticulous in speech.
He said, "My wife is a very great woman, very caring and gentle, she does all the homework without complaining. Also very fond of me, he always be nice to my parents, relatives, and friends. The time is honest he will be honest, the time needs attention, he will give full attention. Women like this, very little. "
My friend after hearing it feel confused, and thinks what he is indeed as good as that ?. Why had he not even noticed ?. Surely this is all just a hoax of her new wife's husband to make me confused.

Soon after, coincidentally, my friend went shopping to the supermarket and saw his ex-wife and new husband shopping.
He hid in the side and watched, finally he realized the couple was really happy.
That happiness he can see from the smile of his ex-wife who is always blooming. Also can be seen from the gentle hug provided by the man next to him.

** Note:
In fact, in various situations, a wife can turn into an angel and even turn into a witch, it all depends on the man (husband).

When a woman decides to marry, she also decides to live a good life with her husband, although in marriage, patience is a virtue, but if there is love there is tolerance.
When you feel dissatisfied with your woman, women do not care anymore. So if you want a good woman like an angel, first treat her as an angel.
Because all the women in this world who have become "One's wife

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