My planned sabbatical from Steemit

in writing •  2 years ago

When I saw the Playmate and started calling this "Titcoin," I knew it was time to step away. The infomercials, the targeted marketing, the hype, the hustle, the hamster wheel, the tits. Feeling like Homer Simpson, in bed with his reading glasses, studying the latest issue of Winning Lottery Numbers. And also, to hell with pictures in posts. If you can't read a book that doesn't have pictures, you're five years old.

I hate it here, and I don't want to. I'm already spread thin with books, editing other people's books, narrating my own audiobooks. And I can't invest a lot of energy into something that not only doesn't repay it, but puts me in that Lottery mentality - I'm like Jerry Seinfeld's character in Bee Movie, running into that window again and again, each time shouting, "This time! This time! This time!" 

That said. 

I have a kickass idea for a semi-apocalyptic thriller (semi because it's the apocalpyse for some and a potential utopia for others). And, because I can't sell that without a finished manuscript, and because I can't write a 900 page book "for fun" while I'm writing for a living, I think what I'll do is start posting it here, as I go. To see how it flies, or doesn't. Which may or may not be because it's good, I know now. I could put it on Wattpad, and I may do that too, but hey at least there's a chance of making a buck or two here, even without pictures.

But if I'm going to use this site at all, I can only think of it as a long term, infrequent content placement site and testing ground, not as a slot machine.

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