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I know a poet, his pen is a drumstick
Playing sweet alluring tunes to the ears
Orchestrating rivers of words into symphonies
If you listened, you'd hear the music of poetry
Each word a sound, together a carnival of rhythms
I know a poet, his pen is a brush
Painting the wildest imaginations into realities
Simulating sceneries into imagery
If you looked, you'd see his rivers flowing and fishes swimming
Each stroke ridding the rainbow of its colors
I know a poet, his pen is a magical wand
Commanding illusions, he journeys into the mind
Mysticism is his art, mysteries his act
If you disbelief, he makes believe
Each swish make worlds and breaks word on sheets
I know a poet, his pen is a sword
Battling evil, his ink is blood
Swift, dashing knight, through history he's fought
If you read him, you'd hear the booms of war and see vultures
Each thrust, he slays evil and end wars
I know a poet, his pen is a grail
Preaching the gospel of truth to a world of deaf ears
Teaching rightness, writing the writs rightly
If you adhered, you'd live right
Each line a creed, echoing the mind of God
I know a poet, his pen is a sculptor's knife
Moulding destinies, shaping lives and crafting perfections
Sculpting the thickness of words and beating it to pulp
If you saw his works, you'd see effigies, the model of God
Each chip, making the world a better place
I know a poet, his pen is a bleeding heart
Taking cupid's darts and making love honey sweet
Loving hopelessly; a senseless romantic
If you love him, you'd live a queen in fairy castles
Each word golden, soothing, eternal

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Beautiful words express a sense of compassion.

Thanks for this .
I hope to see you around again

It is my pleasure.

Thanks for this .
I hope to see you around again

Hi @bollutech I am liking each one of your posts (cause I like them) within about half an hour after your posting. If you like my posts within a few hours I will keep on liking yours. Is this a deal? Please let me know as I really like your material and it would be great if we could work together.(provided my material is up to it).

Definitely, we shall all see it through

I know of the greatest poet who word created the heavens and the earth, HIS words are enshrined in mystery that human mind cannot fathom

Eyes have not seen neither has it enter the ear of man what the LORD has prepare for his children...

Great poetic write up

Thanks for this sir, I hope to see more of you

Wow...this is such a nice poetry..The choice of words is pleasing.

It's my pleasure to see you here @angelfidel
Thanks for this

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