Challenges occured in Uganda Media house(Journalists in media)

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In any kind of environment, there are different ways to cover scenes and that gives birth to the communication commission because its within their power to air out what they think is worthy to be received by the general public or global village.

In many countries there are many obstacles to this government agent and this goes higher where its on the private sector level where there so many restrictions and all those can hinder the progress of such media platforms.

What Happens in any social media Company

  • This comes from the objectives of any private media sector and what is entailed in their guidelines and protocal on which their company moves because this normally guarantees a more logistical way of preparing their things. Now as a person who has fallen in love with media and journalism not as a passion but as the way and how patrotic things be especially when facing normally opositions and normally Government. This normally shows how Gov't propagate what i can say fake news. I will get in detail of what fake news are. But at this moment, so much happens in media and this comes from the high ups who run such platforms and normally Television and Radio station. You cant broadcast anything minus any addition or subtraction being done. This editing is normally done because of fear to be closed down by Gov't.

What is Fake news in Social Media?

We all know that there is always an agenda behind everything that comes out in media especially Telecasts and broadcast and these give the direction in which the world will be driven and these are all done on purpose. Fake news are defined by the way we all perceive it and how you receive it. In the past and current Uganda situation, media has been trampled on especially by Gov't because of security and privacy reasons and this has been led by special forces deploed by Gov't and these have frustrated and frozen how media is to operate when it comes to scenes. Now in Uganda, so much has been covered in the name of protecting Television stations and Radios by owners. This leads them to be driven in a certain direction and this leads to airing out fake information simply because of intimidation. Fake news is normally brought by Gov't and saying things which dont match what was captured at the scene. This is called Agenda and i have seen CNN which the mouth piece of the New World Order and thats what these local stations copy. In media 20% is real news and about 80% is regarded as fake news and that something which many people dont understand.

News Papers/ Magazines

News papers is a nother form of how fake news and so much is planted and i cant say that all papers are the same but there specific ones which are worthy relying on if you intend to get some information. Now in Uganda, personally i dont trust the New Vision Gov't Paper because of the fake news which is planted in there apart from a few job adverts and other considerable information. There are specific news papers in Uganda especially The Daily Monitor is the biggest rival of Gov't and it has undergone many threats to be shutdown because it actually exposes fishy Gov't intentions and fake news which it runs on its Telecast (UBC).

Magazines in Uganda are on low demand because of how our social set up has been developed over years. Fortunately, in recent years there has been progress in this area because of Sylivia Awori who preceded Uganda in that area because of Fashion and design in the dressing but also culture as well as bridal exhibitions held in Lugogo indoor Arena for the case of showing African style.

Poor treatment to Journalists

This is so common in many nations especially those with dictatorship and these normally infringe on the rights of journalists when it comes to their work. The issue of arresting and tortouring people in media should be stopped and this can help us come up with a better media associations. Now with the election of the new chairman of the media in Uganda (Bazila Bashili) am sure it will a good back in curbing down such social evils.


With the few challenges facing our media house in Uganda and this really distabilized the nation's trust in the Gov't because of different crimes commited by Gov't and this covering makes the outside world unaware of what the situation may be. Prevailing circumstances in Uganda especially media is something which have to be countered by a more legitimate Association by the world Media Centre.

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