Rap Lyrics (Free to use)

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Hi guys check out these rap lyrics i wrote myself, they are free to use for non-commercial purposes.
Let me know what you think about the flow and content.
If anyone is interested in raping it on a certain beat i'll be happy to collaborate.
First One i'm going to share is called Friends.
Hope You Enjoy

Welcome my dearest friend
You've made it to the arms of friends
I want you to see me, remember you need me
Wherever you may go just know i'm by your side.

(Verse 1)
I go way back with my friends, we used to kick it all the time
Summertime cruising, listening to blues and sipping orange juice kicked with booze smoke a doobie snooze.
Then we wake up shake up, girls put on your make-up, we're going to tear up the club
every time the bass drops and a bottle pops
And shots don't stop dropping till the credit cards stop shopping
And the bartender starts mopping, we hit the road, what's popping?
X's and O's at Alexis and her hoes
Then its's relaxing your toes on the beaches with your bros
Bottles of ice cold rose and tequilas from Don Jose
We only do the right way till there's nothing left yeah!


(Verse 2)
Remember back in the day when you had my back all the way
Back when i had no place to stay and my steps were going astray
I had a back-pack full of crack and was selling hits for money
But you didn't cut me no slack, when you found out you threw it away
You put me back on track, gave me a place to stay
My heart was all black, but your why it turned grey
Therefore i'm willing to slay anything you deem as prey
And i pray that the Lord help us fight the devil no matter the level or if there were several, i got something special for them
To the depths of the netherworld send them oh Jesus of Bethlehem


(Verse 3)

Fast forward to this moment, pretend that you own it
We are all here united by the fact that we're grown and
we shared a common past and it lasted to the present, our friendship
even though it was dented, it never broke just bended
We were different so we blended, and bonded
Kinda like how atoms are connected. The results were unprecedented
Blood brothers raised from the gutters
Born to fathers and mothers with other lovers
Brothers and sisters of different colors
at the sound of my drummer came together in numbers
that outnumbered the conquerors and freed those locked in the dungeons.
Stole their guns and burned their burger buns on a bunsen burner
along with the furniture that made them go beserker.


The End

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