Minnow Spotlight: @dlstudios

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Minnow Spotlight: @dlstudios

What is Minnow Spotlight?

In brief, Minnow Spotlight is a series where we will be featuring minnows with great content. Each post will be focused on a minnow. Our goal is to give this minnow some exposure for their quality-written content. This service is manual, and minnows will be hand selected from the pool!

1. First, and most obvious question is what brought you here?
I wanted a place to post my reviews and other articles. I hated running a website as I'm terrible with the back end, and I rarely have time to do that as well as everything else due to my real life job. Minds was where I ended up going, but the blogging portion of the site is a bit terrible. Then I gave Steem a shot. At first, I uploaded here after uploading to my Minds account to see how my articles did. When I got more interaction and traction on Steem, I figured I would make the move here and just use this for my articles.

2. What do you plan to do here on SteemIt?
I plan to keep doing the same thing I did at the start, talking about anime and gaming. I do plan to start doing a few other things, but overall I just plan to stick to what I'm doing now with a bit more added down the way.

3. What are your first impressions of SteemIt?
Overall my impressions are that it's a fairly solid platform with some ups and downs. I love that there are so many curation communities that help smaller pages get noticed, and it's a lot more effective here than many other platforms. Archdruid, AkibaSteem, Curie, C^2, Trufflepig, and OCD have done wonders by helping me get some traction here. I do hate that irritating one of the "whales" being able to pretty much end you if they are feeling a bit petty. It makes it hard to want to talk about certain topics. I am kind of happy I only talk about nerd crap, as I would be a bit paranoid around here about getting too political. Even when I talk about censorship, I get a tad nervous (not that I'm going to let that stop me if it's relevant, but I wish the worry wasn't there).

4. Do you plan on making an investment in SteemIt? Ex) Buying Steem/SBD
I've made some very tiny investments by making use of some Dogecoin faucets, and I have a small BTC cache I've been building with the Lolli service that SteemIt started advertising. As for any money I make from my IRL job? I am unsure right now, so I may wait and see what happens with the next Hard Fork. I don't know enough about crypto to really have an idea of what the future holds for Steem.

5. Is this your first time being involved in the crypto space?
Yeah, I came here for a platform to talk about games, and hopefully, make a little money on the side. It just kind of happens to be in the crypto space, so I've had to start learning how this works little by little.

6. How did you hear about SteemIt?
I regularly watched a youtuber called StyxHexenHammer666. Aside from having an absolutely terrible name, he's a pretty smart guy who talks a lot about big tech firms, and encouraging alternate platforms. He talked briefly about SteemIt at one point which caused me to look into it. When Minds seemed to be letting me down as a blogging service, I took his advice to look at alternatives and ended up here.

Thank you @dlstudios for taking the time to answer these interview questions!

We hope all of you enjoyed reading. Have a wonderful day!

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