Minnow Spotlight: @bek-seii

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Minnow Spotlight: @bek-seii

What is Minnow Spotlight?

In brief, Minnow Spotlight is a series where we will be featuring minnows with great content. Each post will be focused on a minnow. Our goal is to give this minnow some exposure for their quality-written content. This service is manual, and minnows will be hand selected from the pool!

1. First, and most obvious question is what brought you here?
I spent a few years uploading my art on the Amino app. As people started to recognise my work on the app, I felt a sense of accomplishment and drive to improve. After learning the concept of SteemIt, I was fascinated by the idea of it all, sharing my work to different people and knowing whether what you're doing is effective or not by the outcome. It is a place for me to comfortably show my work to anyone.

2. What do you plan to do here on SteemIt?
Initially, my only aim was to show the art I uploaded on Amino. I spent a lot of time on creating step by step processes for my artwork, and it became something I was proud to show. However, I then started to upload my other personal artwork on here because I felt like it was a very comfortable place to do so. What I plan to do now is to continue displaying my work and improving in the process. I love explaining the reasons behind each piece, and I like to let the audience know about those kinds of things.

3. What were your first impressions of SteemIt?
If I am honest, my first impression of SteemIt was that it was a little confusing. I am not very up to date with these kinds of concepts, but luckily I had an avid SteemIt user guide me through most of what I needed to know, and I'm very grateful for that! Another one of my first impressions was that it felt like I was not going to connect with anyone on the site, I am not sure why, I just felt like it would be difficult to communicate with other users. However, I soon learnt that there is a sense of community here, just like many members in the Discord servers who are very friendly, helpful, and that is one of the reasons I enjoy SteemIt so much. Something I never had on Amino was reliable people who were in the same boat, doing the same thing, but here everything is more connected.

4. Do you plan on making an investment in SteemIt? Ex) Buying Steem/SBD
I recently just came back to SteemIt after being so busy, and before I had a break, one thing I never really got the chance to look into was investments. Now that I am back, it is likely that some time in the future I will look into investing in it.

5. Is this your first time being involved in the crypto space?
It is! And I'm still learning many things, which excites me a whole lot. I'm sure there is plenty more for me to learn about this space and plenty of people for me to connect with and share the experience with. :smile:

6. How did you hear about SteemIt?
Whilst on the Amino app, a fellow user recommended and invited me to use SteemIt. After he explained it to me, I became very interested in something that I was completely unfamiliar with.

Thank you Bek @bek-seii for taking the time to answer these interview questions!

We hope all of you enjoyed reading. Have a wonderful day!

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